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April 24, 2014


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Nice find. An awful lot of old German industry goes back to the pre-war era, some of it long before that. Odd and evil things happened then, and during the war. Hard to point the finger of guilt at today's owners of those companies for what happened back then. But it's perhaps easier to do so if the current owners are the same family as those back then.

john jay


thanks for the read, and thanks for the comment.

and, you raise good and valid points.--

the krieghoffs may or may not have had a whole lot of "choice" in taking over the simson's equipment. when hermann goring (goering) came calling, one opened the door.

yet, the circumstances point to the krieghoff's having full knowlege ... all of this took place in suhl, and all of this was very well known thanks to the participation of fritz sauckel in the whole sordid affair.

krieghoff, haenel, a whole lot of suhl manufacturers were very heavily into german armaments. and, they would have known quite well of sauckel's roll in extorting the property of the simson's.

most telling to me, in making my assessment, is the absolute dearth of any comment i've run across from the latter day krieghoffs in their role of taking the machine tools from the simson plant.

and, their utter absence in any comment about the use of slave, and jewish slave, labor in armaments manufacture.

fritz sauckel was the highest ranking minister in the nazi government in control of labor practices, and in making sure that key elements of german manufacture had sufficient labor to operate & produce.

he was one of the 24 defendants at the nuremberg trials, and was found guilty for his role in procuring slave labor, and in the deaths by maltreatment and outright execution of such labor, in slave camps and labor camps.

he was hung by the neck until dead.

the krieghoffs would have been beneficiary of his role in government in securing their labor "pool," and responsible for the treatment of such people.

the krieghoffs got off light.

they continue to get off light, in my view. instead, they are well respected "industrialists."


p.s. after wwii they became famous for the reliability of a double barreled shotgun they made, to exacting standards.

it was, in fact, a carbon copy of the remington model 32 (and parts interchanged).

don't fix it, if it ain't broke.

they chose the right shotgun to copy. so much for engineering.

as always, they profited from cheap and "available" labor.

john jay

p.s. wikipedia has a pretty good article on fritz sauckel.

he role in procuring german slave labor is thoroughly commented upon.

by the way, suhl is just a little southwest of berlin. very close to all the "action" in the third reich.

not much of any of this would have gone unnoticed inside the nazi hierarchy.

all in the family, as it were.

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