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March 27, 2014


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John, here's an interesting theory on the missing plane.


Plausible? yes, but I don't know how credible, I know very little about Erik Rush.

john jay


well, "interesting," putting it mildly.

the airplane is somewhere, that's for sure. and, the "ping theory"/doppler tracking theory seems not to have the currency that it did just a few days ago.

it has become a "what in the hell is next" kind of a deal, that's for sure.


john jay

p.s. you do have to sorta wonder, why would we be involved in something like that w/ the chinese?

that would seem a little nutty even for obama & minions.


I agree, I had the same thought about that theory, it's a stretch, but there's also the saying about politics making strange bedfellows. Who knows to what extent obozo is involved, if any at all. We'll probably find out in 4 or 5 years. chuckling.

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