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March 18, 2014


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my understanding is that the two travelers on the stolen passports were teenagers...

how would they have gotten such training & experience at such a young age?

john jay


one a bit older, one a bit older than a teenager.

where would they get the training about a boeing 777.

well, one way or another, from boeing, would be my best guess. someone has to service and maintain the planes, and you cannot keep systems a secret.

somebody has to put them in the air, and keep them there.

the next most obvious answer would be iranian intelligence. and, when you work your way back from that, you get to the first most obvious answer.

if you want to sell the damn things, you cannot keep it a secret. whoever buys a 777 from boeing, gets the necessary information from boeing.

it's that simple.

john jay

john jay

p.s. shop manuals, service manuals, operational manuals, technical manuals and technical journals, all that sort of stuff.

if you have commerce, you have information flow. it's just that simple.

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