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March 18, 2014


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David Y

El Al flies 777-200ER's as well. Likely paint job?

Remember that the first nuclear test in NM was not a bomb, but basically a laboratory that destroyed itself. A 777 could potentially house such a non-weaponized fission device (vs the miniaturization required for a missile warhead). I am of two minds about this--either it crashed in the Indian Ocean, or there is a military operation underway to 'fix' the situation.

john jay


as to the 777-er, ... , well, how convenient for someone, perhaps.

likely paint job, in my mind, is as you suggest, just like el al.

yes, the first explosion in new mexico was in a tower, if i am not mistaken. it was not an operational bomb, dropped by a plane.

i am like you about the various possibilities that present themselves. until some positively establishes a crash into an ocean somewhere, and debris, and bodies and black boxes are discovered, i think it only prudent that we assume the plane is on the ground.

and, if the plane is assumed to be on the ground in an excess of caution, it only makes sense to exercise further excess of caution, and make preparations to either discover it, or interdict it.

i am pretty sure el al will do everything in the world to make sure that israel has "all present and accounted for," and can move swiftly to interdict and down any "ersatz" airplane.

john jay

john jay


in short, as you note, i think the first test of the u.s. a-bomb on an operational basis was from the enola gay.

i am not aware of any bomb drops from an airplane until then.

if i am mistaken, i hope somebody informs me.

john jay

john jay

p.s. and, i just remembered, that carolyn glick has always maintained that iran's first test of an a-bomb will be over jerusalem or tel aviv.

logically, it could not be otherwise.

if iran were to test an a-bomb successfully, then given its rhetoric and behavior, israel would have no other choice but to strike first.

it is sobering to realize, but, the functional equivalent of that position/choice may be before us at this very moment.


Fantastic sounding but not really that much more fantastic than the events that have already occurred

john jay


that's kind of the way i feel about it. it sort of stretches credulity, but, credulity has been stretched pretty far already.

it's not really a very long step to what i am saying, from what we think we know about what happened.

i mean, it's a pretty logical progression. seems to me, anyway.

john jay

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