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February 11, 2014


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Citizen Patriot

JJ -
Interesting observations and a line of thinking with which I can agree. What should be considered also is will these hired guns, after taking all the money and turning on their liberal benefactors (because they present much safer and softer targets than we), when will they follow normal human nature and refocus their original mission of dis-arming us? In order to remain the bandit kings and all powerful, they will be obliged to disarm or eradicate us as originally contracted.

My point is after they've done the easy task of fleecing the fat-cats, we still loom large as a threat to their power. Once the monster has been created, I submit that the original problem threat still remains before us. And in the end, we will be facing a major confrontation with a group as deadly as we.

I am of the opinion that we would be better served by eliminating the liberals and their spawn now not later.

john jay

citizen patriot:

i take no exception to any of your observations.

the leftists are thugs.

the stooges the leftist will hire to disarm us are/will be thugs, and, as you note, ever so much more dangerous and formidable than the leftists.

and, yes, they will view us as much of a threat to their power, as do the leftists. they will turn on us.

and, they will be a deadly as we/us, having only the good graces to be less in number than we are/will be.

i believe you are correct as to the issue of timing, as well. better to start today, then tomorrow, ... , a good rule in cleaning the scum out of the bathtub, and a good rule in cleaning up the scum who inhabit our government. and schools. and, the press & the tele.

it all needs cleaning.

john jay


When I was reading your treatise, I was formulating a reply that had the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks and their particular problems, but alas, you had that covered later on.

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