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February 01, 2014


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Lucky Star 61

JJ -
You are correct, "Mil Spec" is DoD's way of preventing simple contract agreements with the rest of the world while it assures job security for large, mostly useless organization structure.

john jay


sorry to "punt you off" into the ether, but, i have been to the blog very often, as of late.

i found you in "spam" this morning, and rescued your comment.

yes, agreed, and you've made short hash out of my rather longish essay on the topic of "mil spec."

i can imagine what john browning would have said to a bunch on his doorstep waving mil spec contract forms under his nose. he would have laughed them out of utah, with the utah militia.

not writing much.

prepping. case annealing, precision .308 loads, that sort of things.

getting pretty handy to 600 yards or so, on a nice day. wind doping is next.

practice, practice, practice, ... , as joe willy namath said.


john jay

p.s. if it is any solace to you, "spam" is where typepad puts my comments.

they don't show up at the blog, they don't show up in the "spam" folder for about two days, or so.

but, sooner or later, they get out here.

gotta "love" typepad.

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