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February 01, 2014


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Lucky Star 61

JJ -
Forgive my late response.

You may be right with your concerns to squish ants infesting your 1911. It's not unlikely that the Formic Acid (little brother of Carboxylic acid that has a pH of 1.2 very corrosive organic acid)) could have played a role in breaking molecular bonds of the molecules in the upper receiver of your earlier post.

Being well acquainted with ants of the Northwest, you should be on the alert for any infestations of ants or that insidious Broad-Leaved stinging Nettle there, but not necessarily for the reason that that they are hard to chase down to squish (the ants) on one's weapon.

It's true that the brunt of the trauma of attenuated recoil energy is born by the upper receiver. Some of this energy is passed along through the attachment pins connecting the upper and lower receivers, and not just the buffer group.

That stated, Ants are notorious for burrowing in wood and even some plastic products. They are also known to leave a trail of pheromones (containing Formic Acids) piss as markers to other sister ants (likely some connection to the term, "Piss Ant;" recall ant workers, like bees, are all female) to follow.

With your epic development work in the development of an organic lower receiver, the likely hood of an ant infestation (especially in your neck of the woods) increases logarithmically. The Formic Acids these bad girls spew out becomes a threat to all the metal elements of your weapon. So be fore warned, I see no longevity with shooting a potential hand grenade. I rest my case, counselor.

john jay


still laughing.

i'll keep all that in mind. and, i am sure, in a quite orderly fashion.

laughing some more.

john jay

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