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February 11, 2014


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Citizen Patriot

JJ -
Whether UN blue hats or little Muslim beanies, engaging them on our own home soil will be anything but fun and easy. Yes, they stick out like a turds in the punch bowl, but from their perspective, so do we.

The safest plan would be to locate, target, and remove the ammo storage facilities before they can be distributed to our contestants. And to prevent the HalfVastAfrikanApostate's UN sponsored forces from establishing their first toe-hold here. We have witnessed the handiwork in Afghanistan from both, there's reason their modus operandi has changed.

john jay

citizen patriot:

right at the beach head, is the place to meet them.

as they step off the boat, as they step off the plane.

right on the bridge of their little pointy/hooked noses.

john jay

p.s. all foreigners are duly advised to keep their little noses, and their little nose bridges, out of our domestic contretemps. if they know what is good for them.


I've long thought that the DHS, tweaked just so, is the zero's optimum "civilian force."

First of all it was created by the evil Bush, so as an excuse all the zero has to do is proclaim "common sense" changes that the gullible will willingly accept.

Second of all, most Americans don't seem to realize that the DHS is not a single entity, but is formed by all arms of the federal apparatus. The whole concept of the DHS is insidious and vile. Those Russians are going to be so-called advisers for FEMA, every MRAP is sent with strings attached that probably nationalize any local militarized police force who receives them. etc...
Those AK's are going to drug cartels, muslim infiltrators along the southern border, and the likes of the Black Panthers.
Of course there's no way to prove this, but you don't have to be retarded to see the writing on the wall.


Oops, no way to edit.
"retarded" should read "rocket scientist."

...although there does not seem to be much of a difference any more.

Friend Fuchs


JR Nyguist's essay "Predicting WWIII" comes as close to what I see as happening in our near future as anything else.

Everything else that is horrible and demonic that we could possibly imagine may still happen in the meantime just to soften us up a bit, so to speak.

A powerful force is guiding and working in me, so trust me when I say events will be much worse than you or I thought possible just a few years ago.

Above all else, put God first.

john jay

friend fuchs:

praise the lord and pass the ammunition!!

i haven't been writing much, too busy helping a friend get a case annealer up and running, and getting it calibrated.

and, i am prepping a bunch of .308 for long range target use.

plus, i am scheming another "wildcat," and pretty much have my plans formulated on that. i am going to have to alter the magazine well a bit on my "plywood gun," but that will be to simply make the magazine well more or less standard for an ar-15 sized rifle.

no problem. that's why good invented wood and epoxy, to take care of ditherers such as myself.

good friend, buy guns, buy ammo, (lots of each), make provisions, and determine your field of fire.


p.s. i have determined that since i am broke and old, the fight will just have to come to me, because i cannot afford to travel to it. (unless you stop by and pick me up on the way!!!)

so, i want a good house gun, for when the pricks come for me.

and, i know just what it is gonna be. a bit of a wildcat, but ass wipe simple to make, and very effective at short range.

better than a thompson.

and, suitable as a precursor to a viking funeral, which i always wanted.

laughing, as only the demented are capable. :)

Citizen Patriot

JJ –
Waiting for them to show up on your doorstep is ok. Provided your schedule is flexible and you can get some back-up help when needed. Think this is something one cannot take on alone.

This sort of tracks along with your comments above.

Suggest you read the following posts and consider attached comments.

http://www.wilsontimes.com/News/Feature/Photo/29095284 (original new report)
http://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/02/14/aint-amerika/ (Comments on DC Clothesline)
1. Following comments to Clothesline article: Reply
2. Citizen Patriot says:
February 14, 2014 at 11:45 am
For the record, the “Defender” label on the SWAT’s Kevlar shield is the name of the company that manufactures that product. Your opinions and comments would have greater weight and validity if you took time to research what you present. The “Ready, Fire, Aim” syndrome is alive and healthy in those too anxious to claim their two nano-seconds of attention.
Regarding the cop’s comments, he may not be the brightest bulb in the house. While disturbing, he is only regurgitating the words used in training. Rather than being impressed with the rhetoric of the police, understand they are not invincible. Instead, one should be more concerned with how to counter and defeat the threat than listening to the BS rationale for using the tactics.
If these police tactics are to be countered, short of a Barrett .50 caliber, the simple .45-70 rifle round produces adequate power to knock the shield from anyone’s hands and to flail the chest of anyone wearing body armor. The kinetic energy of the round is up to 3,500 foot pounds of energy (not many humans can withstand the force of being struck by an object the size of the end of a finger tip traveling at 2,000 ft/second and hits like a motor vehicle). Body armor doesn’t necessarily have to be punctured to be transfer fatal impact energy through to the wearer.
The point of aim is another way of defeating body armor. Sniper training incorporates the use of a triangle overlay on the target’s center mass (the area between the shoulders and down to the belly button very effectively. By shifting that triangle to cover the area from hip to hip and down to below the crotch. Shots to this area are just as lethal. The shot will break the pelvic girdle, sever the Femoral arteries, and de-nut the target all at the same time.
Now, doesn’t information such as this mitigate the seemingly hopelessness of encountering the showy SWAT forced entry tactic.

1. Following comments to Clothesline article: Citizen Patriot says:
February 17, 2014 at 11:32 am
These ammunition and arms magazines become supply points for civilian patriots, too. Because of the volatile nature of ammunition, the munitions must be stored within easily identified warehouses for safety reasons. Safe keeping is a fact that cannot be ignored by anyone. Vast stores of war-making materials cannot be adequately secured until they may be used. All modern conflicts bear this axiom to be true. It is a problem associated with “Span of Control” and takes people to accomplish which removes human resources that are needed to prosecute civil suppression. The fact remains there are too many citizens with firearms to counter by physical force.
There is little or no need for hand-wringing over these vast stores. Simply mark their locations for future munitions supply points and locations for targets to be destroyed in the coming civil war. The end result of which will not end well for those supporting subjugating our society.

john jay

citizen patriot:

safe to say, intellectually and factually, that the "swat" guys will have the advantage as long as they can localize maximum force on isolated targets.

but, the coppers are hardly invincible, and not very good shots, now, are they.

when they cornered the two boston bombers they fired a tremendous volume of fire, and hit exactly nothing.

the kid who escaped in the car, under gun fire, killed his own brother by running over him with the car. the older brother was not killed by police gunfire.

the little brother was wounded once.

cops are shitty shots.

but, at first, they will prevail, because they will be on the attack.

it is also safe to say, intellectually and factually, that the insurrection, the insurgents, will take that advantage away from the cops and other "law enforcement" types by simply taking the initiative away from them.


in an insurgency situation, when combat has been joined, (and perhaps under bagdhad rules), the initiative is taken from the police rather quickly.

how does an insurgency, under combat do this?

well, there are no time outs in combat. in combat, if an enemy is seen alone and isolated, he is subject to immediate attack.

a police cruiser is known among cops to be simply a fancy coffin, if the cop is attacked in it.




in law school i had a friend who'd been a contra costa county deputy sheriff, e.g., oakland, california.

any time a fire call went in, when the fireman and police answered the call, they came under sniper fire for the simple pleasure of showing up.

fires, hold ups, domestic beefs, bar room fights, all those "normal things" of police work become ample opportunity for ambush of the police and para military who will try to impress insurgency.

you rob a bank, or stage a bank robbery, and f.b.i. and a.t.f. agents swarm to the location.

the insurgents have time to pick their locations, and time to plan their operation, and time to locate their shooters both for ingress and egress.

the police and para military become sitting ducks, and targets.

and, when they stop answering "the call," they have lost the initiative.

in tacoma, washington a fellow with a grudge against the police simply waited for them to arrive at a local morning hours coffee & donuts shop, seated on a bar stool as four officers filled a booth.

he walked over, said nothing, pulled a pistol and killed three of them before they could even take the guns from their holster, fire being returned only by a female officer facing him, killed where she sat after she wounded him.

he was killed some few days later, when turned into the police by people who had put him up for a while as he bled and suffered from the wound, ... , apparently being shot hadn't made him very much more agreeable.

it doesn't take too much to put the police and para military types back on their heals.

in california, the police were so unnerved by a rogue cop who started killing them, that they responded by shooting unarmed people who were in pickup trucks like the true assailant.

the rogue cop was black, and physically quite large and imposing. the police shot one white guy in a pickup after they'd contacted him, and identified him. they shot a grandma and her daughter in a pickup as they were delivering morning papers.

the police were frightened by one man, admittedly quite formidable. and, mad.

think what it would be for the cops and para military types to come under this sort of attack all over the country, and think how they would respond were such attack(s)unremitting, and deadly.

sentries? guards? lookouts?

in the dark.

people forget what deadly weapons the bow and arrow can be. a fellow dressed in black nomex, within 60 or 70 yards of a sentry, in a pitch black night, is a very deadly threat to a lone sentry. he can kill, in an insurgency setting, quietly, and simply walk away.

the point is, during an insurgency, for the insurgents there are an unlimited number of targets of opportunity, both in terms of infrastructure and fixed targets, and in terms of personnel.

look at the insurgents in iraq.--

the police advertise for hiring. a bomber shows up at the line in front of the police station.

a power substation. attack it as in california, recently? utility workers show up. cops show up to investigate.

all targets, at the initiative of the insurgent.

propane trucks.

gasoline tankers. the gasoline tanker filling the tanks at the local gas station.

the tanks at the local gas station are accessed via valves and piping that come right to the surface of the asphalt which are on top of them.

electrical transmission lines.

banks. liquor stores. convenience stores. cash machines.

all are cop magnets.

no, i am not going out of town. i simply cannot afford the travel costs.

but, come the insurgency, if i am not the first target of a "home invasion" arrest on a "baseless warrant," i am not sitting around waiting for that to happen.

targets everywhere. a veritable smorgasbord of opportunity.

for those who will seize the opportunity.

and, as mike v. has said often, "they will run out of them a long time before we run out of us."

john jay

Citizen Patriot

JJ -
Well thought statements, and you are center mass. I find nothing that you have said disputable.

I can only offer that the fight with police and para-military will be "Close In" battles but it will still remain the secondary one. (Easy to say, until that "secondary" fight becomes up close and personal in your own neighborhood.) The inspiration for the civil war remains the tyranny of bad elected officials. They, their support staff, their underwriters, even their family members must remain the objects for removal and main objective for the conflict.

The primary point of my comments to the DC Clothesline is to emphasize (as have you) that well armed force may be engaged and defeated by relatively unsophisticated means. And more that the endless hand-wringing and fear-mongering of BLOG articles need to stop and to be presented in a more positive manner.

A wise old warrant officer helicopter pilot once told me, "Don't bring a problem or threat to the table without offering at least one possible solution." Sage advice I think.

p.s. You are correct again that police are not marksmen. I submit few people are. You are well schooled with the tenets of marksmanship. A gunfight using handguns is not much of an accurate affair, it requires long-guns to make it one. Case in point, while I was assigned at the Pentagon, there was a car-jacking in the order line of a South East D.C. McDonalds. The culprits were trapped in the waiting line when occupants of the of the cars in front and behind fled the scene. When the D.C. police showed up, and participated with the obligatory ganster shoot-out. The police expended over 60 rounds yet only struck the vehicle once - no one was wounded and the car-jackers ran away. Funny but not funny in the same breath.

john jay

citizen patriot:

i agree with you. people need not be pessimistic about taking a regime, or several regimes on.

a regime exists mostly by deference to the fact that most people, if left alone, have more important things to tend to other than politics.

when a regime makes itself onerous to bear, and insufferably arrogant and high handed, it is relatively easy to unseat by a determined populace.

this regime, and allied leftist states, and their minions, has relatively few people to defend it, and relatively few people who adhere to it.

take the regimes's military, the para military and the civil police, and when you spread them over the continent and compare them to the armed populace, they still don't amount to much.

oh, they've got military fire power, but, it is relatively ineffective in quelling an uprising.

look at chechnya, and the russians. all the russian military might does them little good.

iran really doesn't lend much of a cautionary note to our optimism, for the simple fact that in the iranian uprisings the opposition steadfastly refused to take to arms against the regime, and tried to shame it into reform by the widespread example of martyrdom.

admirable, indeed, but not very effective. the opposition did not oppose the fundamental basis of rule in iran, that being islam, it just tried to make the point that the particular set of islam's minions in power were a bunch to incompetents.

so, they died in droves.

and, refused to kill in droves.

the outcome was relatively predictable, once the dickless wonder in our white house endorsed the legitimacy of the mullahs and ayatollahs as a nation state to be recognized by the international community.

score one for obama, and score one for the muslim brotherhood, and score one for fundamentalist islam.

if the people of this country go against these regimes with righteous enthusiasm, we shall sweep them away.

nothing would give me more pleasure than to see a nice representative sampling of leftists hanging from lamp poles, and a few black muslims thrown in with them.

we shall see.

as roy medvedev said, "let history judge."

john jay

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