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February 13, 2014


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Hi John Jay,

Just checking in. Haven't seen a post from you in some time.

Hope you're OK.




That's very well said John.
Yes, like that a lot.

I can't help but believe at this point in the long march we are being tested to see what we are made of, how far we can be pushed before not just one but a plurality stands their ground on liberty. Also I bet another feature, what with the state spying on us wantonly, they are getting all sorts of intell on the mood of people in reaction to such intolerable acts.

There just ain't no coincidences or isolated unrelated events in obama's amerika.

Having said that, Connecticut is part and parcel of a far larger disarmament agenda.
It is one of a number of carefully orchestrated probing attacks built on false flag and crisis as means events.

Like most collectivists acts of tyranny and social engineering they are designed to serve multiple purposes beyond the apparent face value trespasses upon our liberty and fabric of society.
As the bastards come closer to imposing totalitarianism it is critical to advance the strategy of disarmament with precision testing the possible resistors to tyranny in cunningly crafted catch 22 scenarios where after being turned into a convenient criminal in the eyes of the state, they are forced into the choices of submitting, or they choose to fight back with the very objects the tyrants intent and their diktat is designed to marginalize to begin with.

It is a slippery slope. The unintended consequences indeed lie at a point where somebody decides they have had enough and blood is spilled in copious volumes.

Yet there is even more to this than meets the eye. These clowns running things are hoping the blood does flow, but on their terms at their point in time and choosing in order to gain the greatest political capitol out of it.

They absolutely require a fig leaf of legitimacy to take advantage of "unlawful" violence armed resistance to tyranny gives them when their system of laws conveniently turn whomever they choose into criminals and back them into a corner.

This bullshit law is specifically designed to perpetrate armed bloody response from armed American's in order to justify full blown police state monopoly of violence. To paint and parade those who resist as terrorists, and pogrom all who aren't afraid of the bastards.

The thuggery of the Conn. State Police is legendary. Vassals and lickspittles of the elites to a man.

It is a perfect union of organized crime syndicate and a standing army of leg breakers.

The first Americans who resist will suffer greatly, preordained to be the perfect whipping boy of the collectivist motherfuckers.

I hope if it comes to it he or she dies with their patriot boots on in a pile of brass and sending as many of Lawlor's thugs to hell as magazines they refused to register.

There is nothing else for it. The son of a bitches are determined to go down this path. They keep probing and pushing. They will not stop till they are given bloody reason to find refuge from the wrath of those they purposefully made into enemies for the purposes of their agenda to destroy this great Republic and those who stand for it and their Liberty.

john jay


i am o.k. just thinking, sort of pensively, of a number of things.

mountain top:

some of the things i've been thinking about.



Funny you say that John, it is going to take a plurality thinking along the same lines united by that very fact, because they know they think alike.
That is the paradigm to resistance to tyranny and winning.

john jay

mountain top:

we are being watched, by sophistication we cannot match.

and, by sophistication we cannot hide from.

so, why hide?

say what you think. and, organize.

one of the biggest concerns is the classic "agent provocateur," he who works for the regime and tries to inspire acts that regime can use to "justify" suppression. it's a variation on the "false flag" sort of operation.

so, we are sometimes reticent to say things that will bring attention on us, or will "incriminate" us.

i say fuck that.

we need to organize openly, state our aims, and begin preparing for the fight.

drills in the commons, that sort of thing, ... , organizing our militia, and electing our battle leaders and officers and sgt. majors.

it's time.

john jay

p.s. and, preparing for the details of the fight, order of battle, and targets.

right down to the nub.

we'll take our first "hits" doing that, but, at this point, it is just indistinguishable from battle casualties. time to man up, and stand up.

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