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January 24, 2014


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JJ -
Looks like a lot of progress. Don't fret over disconnetor or safety, let your trigger finger be your safety. Check out: http://www.boltdepot.com/catalog.aspx?wt.srch=1&wt.mc_id=1 an/or http://www.theindustrialdepot.com/ for special bolts (suggest pan head hex drive to eliminate exterior warts to skin your knuckles. Also, suggest applying epoxy to coat inside an outside and mounting holes to prevent moisture content changes or the receiver. And might not be a bad idea to know what ATF thinks about the notion of organic based fire arms.

john jay


i am not too concerned about the "safety." i will file the flat on the shaft so that it will fire.

i will just tighten it to that position.

am looking for an epoxy spray to do the very sealing that you propose. that's why i think my little receiver would be a very good build on some commercial laminate as used in the gun trades ... that stuff is impregnated w/ epoxy, and you could leave it in the atlantic ocean for a month and i doubt it would do much to it.

speaking of organic products, maybe i should see if i could build one of these things out of old left over mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts? it's a thought.


john jay

p.s. you should catch up on my latest posts.--

i am doing the fitment of the trigger group, and that sort of thing.

a safety, of sorts.

and, the sear engagement is nearly perfect.

don't ask me, i haven't a clue how it happened, given all the little misadventures along the way.

but, my theory the entire way is that very little matters in terms of tolerance and dimension, except for the placement and relationship between the hammer pin and trigger pin holes.

put them the right distance from each other, sear engagement is gonna be o.k., and put them the right distance from the front assembly pin hole, and the hammer hits the firing pin.

more or less. laughing.


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