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January 03, 2014


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john jay


please proof read if you will, but, skip the snotty remarks.

john jay

Mt Top Patriot

It is a sublime undertaking Mr. Jay.

Aside from giving those who wish to rule over us the bird.

Me like defiance and resistance to tyranny in the form of the craft of creating ones arms.
It's proper duty.
Everything to be said for it.

john jay

mt. top patriot:

thank you for the very kind words, and thank you for the read & comment.

it's nice to know someone is out there, and likes my stuff.

and, as far as defiance and resistance to tyranny, i think you spot on, and the only thing i can think to say is, "me, too."

john jay

p.s. buy guns, buy ammo, and become proficient in your own defense. maintain a surly and prickly attitude about your rights.

and, now i can add, make your own guns. it's not that hard.

Mt Top Patriot

aw no need for thanks as it is thanks in abundance you do a bang up job of poking your finger in the eyes of the treasonous.
But your welcome:-)

What you said, make your own guns, reminds of this:
"Tyranny is the grindstone which sharpens the blade of resistance."
-Samuel Culper III

In your case the wood chisel of defiance. Woo Hoo!

Or like this fellow put it:
“If all people were self-reliant — a nation of artisans, craftsmen, hunters, trappers, farmers, ranchers — the rich would have no means to dominate us. Their wealth would be useless.” Edward Abbey, Confessions of a Barbarian, “November 27, 1982

Speaking Barbarians, did you get a gander at this timely essay:



I dont know much about guns. Will it explode when you shoot it?

john jay

mt. top:

i share mr. culper's sentiments.

and, i will read the essay at western rifle shooters before i sleep.

john jay

john jay


nope. (well, i sincerely hope not. laughing.)

i am building the lower receiver of an ar-15, using laminated wood and a steel cladding.

the stresses of firing are borne by the upper receiver, where the bolt locks into an extension of the barrel. that bit of structure absorbs the great pressures of firing.

the lower receiver in an ar-15 does not absorb any of that, just a bit of recoil (and no more than the firer, and wood is tougher than you & i, by far.)

if this works, my next project will be to build a lower from resin soaked cardboard. it should work, as well.

i have finished the "wood work," having mortised the various "wells" for the magazine, the trigger assembly, and the like.

the steel cladding is next, and then the whole thing gets a trigger and hammer, and we'll see if it stuffs into the crowded space.

john jay

p.s. right now i have fitted an upper, e.g., lugs into mortises for the hinge pins and such.

next, i will figure out how to get the nut for the receiver extension mounted ... there "should be a way."

i would like to omit this entirely, and another future project will just have an upper mounted to a lower by the lugs, and the receiver extension will be part of the upper.

i have never understood the need for the buffer tube/extension to be a separate part of an ar-15.

makes no sense to me.

john jay

mountain top patriot:

i read the essay at westernrifleshooters.

it is very good.

i am in agreement w/ it.

i think our resistance needs to go operational. a political arm, to talk to the assholes.

a provo arm to do what is necessary.

john jay

Mt Top Patriot

Indeed. A certain critical mass has to be attained for effective operational state that will effect destiny in a positive manner.

I believe a caveat is in order here:
That when the ground swell, a plurality, comprehends it is first a plurality and second there is no voting our way out of this(TINVOWOOT), effective operations will coalesce from it's nebulous birth.

I take it as a good indication as is it safe to say we wouldn't be discussing this if it wasn't beginning?

john jay

mountain top:

agreed. put simply.

people will act in a certain manner when they have no other choice, and no other alternative.

but, we will act. and, decisively. and, we know against whom our actions will be taken.

"there's a man going round, taking names, ... ." and, we do not forget the wrongs against us, and who has committed them.

john jay

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