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January 23, 2014


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marc in calgary

The siege of Sarajevo is worth a read as well.. as close to a modern siege as can be looked at. I recall it mentioning there was about 1 day before the water / natural gas / electricity were cut off. After 8? months, no trees were left standing within a radius of 50 miles of the city. I imagine those living in 30+ level buildings in NYC will have a tale to tell of how they lifted the water (64 lbs a cubic foot? ha! up those 60 flights of stairs in order to get 2 flushes through the toilet, sorry, they'll be about 70 flights including the parkade and mechanical levels that aren't occupied. In the dark. Lighters were treated like silver, and any woman that wanted meat in the refrigerator... well you know where I'm going with that one. It's the left that hasn't got a fucking clue.

Even the wiki article can't make it look like roses.

This was in a city that was somewhat used to hardships during rule by communist types, how will San Fran cope? They won't. How will Chicago cope? oh please...

john jay


thank you very much for your very cogent remarks.

the modern city is not the place to endure hardships. and, shutting off water supplies is the easiest way to create hardship.

pack the water up the stairs. pack the water down the stairs, or throw it out the window, whatever it has become.

not pretty.

the bible has some interesting passages about the hardship endured by the inhabitants of jerusalem, during its famous siege.

not pretty.

the fact is that during famine & severe want people do not protect others, to include children. they act to preserve themselves. the aged, the infirm, children starve first.

as you note, good looking women are and pay a premium in such times.

people are not at their best.

the left brings this upon itself.

john jay

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