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January 25, 2014


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That was a bit of a read to slog through this morning while the wife/kids are waking up and being...grumpy girls.
And they wonder why I wake up at 5 for some peace and quiet.

Anyhow, as I stated before, I'm getting excited to see the video results.

john jay

right wing:

a ways away yet.

gotta get a lower receiver parts kit, because the trigger and hammer shown are from a friend's ar-15 that he loaned me, and the stuff has to get re-installed in his.

i have to check to make sure i have enough to eat on for the rest of the month, after the utilities are paid.

and, as noted always, i have to get an upper that will accept the ar-10 magazine well. or, i could just find the magazine back to ar-15, and fire it in the "jj's brit" upper in "jj's brit."

but, i don't want to do that. i want to make my own dedicated upper for this lower, using steel seamless tubing, and along the lines i have discussed previously.

you are about 6 months out,i would imagine. check this post for an update.

the sear has gorgeous fitment, and the trigger well is relieved under the "backie stickie outtie" on the trigger so that the safety goes in, and functions perfectly.

with the safety "on safe" its gonna take spontaneous combustion of the power to set a round off in that thing.

absolutely gorgeous sear engagement, is what i am saying.

john jay

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