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January 19, 2014


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john jay

dear friends:

not that i have been staying awake nights over the issue of cutting a slot the length of the proposed steel upper receiver (for the bolt carrier key), but i have been thinking about it.

a quite "expedient" solution to this whole issue occurred to me. we have cut the key way. we have put the bolt carrier group into the rifle, and the key sticks up out of the slot. the operator wonders if the strength of the steel receiver has been compromised in any respect. he frets. he fusses. he fulminates.

he takes a little rectangular length of steel, relieved (lengthwise) on the bottom the circumference of the bolt carrier, and inserts it into the key way slot.

the little piece of steel is long enough to have three threaded hole through it, side to side. he places it just so, right in line with three threaded holes on the steel receiver, of course, at its rear. he puts three small cap screws through the holes, and tightens them snugly. just snugly, no point in imitating a gorilla w/ a torque wrench.

strong, like a bank vault. no flex. no flapping. tough as nails.

john jay

p.s. now, i can go nap.


Glad to see that you're now infected with 2.55" OAL disease. It's been the proper size for an infantry cartridge since 1873.

john jay


i've never had anything against seating a bullet out to a length that allows best utilization of the capacity of the cartridge.

i've always thought the 6.5mm swede and the 7mm mauser two of the best cartridges ever designed.

it's just that when i made the "jj's brit" i only had 2.260" of magazine length to play with.

have you looked at the new "gen ii" .308's from dpms. finally, someone is making an ar-10 that makes sense.

if i have to rob armored cars i will have a couple of them. one, of course, in 7.62x51mm nato. the second, of course, in "jj's brit." laughing.

now, if i can just scrounge up an armored car in milton freewater .... . we don't get too many of them passing through, you know.


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