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January 21, 2014


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The "bitter clingers" are becoming bitter indeed.

The left has no idea what they're bucking up against.

I whole hardheartedly agree with your essay. Yes, I went to college and my largest mistake, I believe, in my life was not joining the military when finished. Too many direct relatives who were combat veterans advised against it. But...
I'm no stranger to the realities of the world. I grew up poor in a large family. My father owned a rinky-dink tree service. I was climbing by the time I was 14. That's how I paid for college. Before that I was picking rocks and bailing hay for the local farmers. Some of them did were maimed and some died. Out of college and not finding work (seems a BA in German and Russian languages isn't even in the best of times highly called for) I got involved in tool and die welding, using the largest welding rods in the world. I made a hell of a name for myself and by my mid twenties, I was traveling the world setting up welding programs in forges, steel mills, and foundries. Lots of them in Socialistic countries (hell-holes). Many were brought piece meal from the US. That giant sucking sound? That's free trade. When that played out, after the steel industry was gutted in the US by cheap imports from Russia and China (F.U. most favored nation), and I lost everything I went back to school. Trade school at 30 to earn the privilege of becoming an apprentice Deep Sea Diver, which I quickly completed an rose (or descended if you prefer) to the level of a Saturation Diver (google it). Along the way I've seen, in all of my professions, except that of student, well...Russia back in '92-'92 was fairly bloody, I've seen all sorts of folks get maimed and killed. It's simply a part of life to be expected. Well, they're (gov't bureaucrat regulators) systematically shutting down the oilfields in the Gulf. Never let a crisis go to waste so they say and Macondo spill has given them their opportunity. I'm outta work, but have my fingers crossed for getting something at the local steel mill.
Along the way I've lived in some major cities, and am now, thankfully, rural and somewhat isolated. I've seen firsthand their parasitic ways.
Bitter and clingy.
More than anything....

Steve Cournoyer

I work in shipyards, fisshed off George's Bank, logged, worked banging nails, welding and earned a BS over the course of 10 years.I agree with you writing on this 1000%....the lefties have no fucking clue...we'll crush them. Like minded folks like us can deal with the physical and mind set of a good fight. We do it every day.They have no idea how their arrogance will work against them. They want a fight? Bring it...I'm ready.


I agree wholeheartedly with your piece, but you're missing an important element of the leftist coalition: the underclass. In particular, it will be the criminal underclass that will be wooed by the left to do their fighting.

This brings to mind an account I read by a German Waffen-SS officer who served both on the Eastern Front and in the French Foreign Legion against the Viet Minh. He noted that western intellectuals believed that the Left was made up of intellectuals and workers. If that were true, the German wrote, crushing communism would be easy. What made the communists so dangerous in reality, in his experience, were the criminals who flocked to an ideology unrestrained by any notion of human rights. Any crime against class enemies could be justified by communism, so the real psychopaths joined up to rape, kill and loot with official sanction.

That will happen again.



It's so blatant it's not obvious.
Unless you take into consideration SEIU, ACORN, the Political class, and the black and hispanic minorities. I have a very hard time differentiating between them and the criminal class. One needs must also consider the fact that Germany was at that time a homogenous population. With enforced diversity and multiculturalism it does become an increasingly difficult proposition to differentiate.
JJ and I have gone around a bit about the "race" problem and demographics, he see's it as less of a problem than I do, maybe because he himself is living in a mostly homogenous neck of the woods. I see them as being protected and enabled by those who would oppress us, used as an army if you would, to do their dirty work.


Brilliant work - Bravo Zulu!


Leif, the criminal underclass is already on the entitlement & rank-and-file payroll.
RWT - just give me a heads up on how far JJ Brit' wings its brass.
When I'm standing with you guys, I don't want a hot empty going down my back.
I've said it before: I am ready. I don't want to, but I will if I have to.

Whitehall, NY

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