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December 30, 2013


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More likely than not, I would rather think it is going to be a foiled assassination attempt.
I get that the left loves it's martyrs, but with the zero dead there will be no way for them to keep hold of their already tenuous grasp in the inner cities.
I think if, for example, a white were to put a hole into the zero, that would touch off a race war the likes of which the world has never seen.

john jay

right wing:

pretty hard to foil an assassination attempt, ... , gonna take a real zealot to agree to get killed in the process of assassinating obama.

pretty hard to keep a lid on something like that.

as far as holding the inner cities, i don't see any inner cities voting republican, and i don't see any inner city election officials pulling off voter fraud in favor of any republican, any time soon.

so, i disagree with you on that, ... , the democrats have a hold on the inner cities, and voter fraud, the likes of which we haven't seen since tammany hall, or the pendergast machine in kansas city.

the vote is as corrupt as any time in our history.

as far as a race war, the likes of which the world has never seen, that may come without obama ever having a hair on his skinny little head put out of place.

plus, i don't think race war profits blacks very much, ... , they are a bit out populated, and way outgunned.

not likely a car load of black kids is going to drive from portland out to milton freewater for a bit of a shootout .... in purely "military" terms, i don't see blacks as being able to "project power" out and away from the inner city. not even on the campus.

too few. way too few for that sort of thing.

an all out race war does not profit american blacks.

not for very damned long, anyway.

now, the "threat" of race war, or "political posturing" as though a race war is imminent, say by such voices of restraint as al sharpton, jesse jackson, and even the biggest race baiter of them all, obama, may make good political theatre, and garner political "concessions" from a very willing left.

that could be.

but, i don't see blacks waging race war. perhaps being the victim of racial vendetta, but not conducting offensive war.

not in the numbers, not in the demographics, and just not very likely, in my estimation.

john jay

p.s. no doubt about who the black community suits up for in a larger civil war.

that's an interesting issue, in urban areas.


A foiled attempt as in no real attempt to begin with anyhow.

As far as having a hold on things I was speaking toward the levels of violence. Not political control. That's a foregone conclusion as you point out.

I also agree,"but, i don't see blacks waging race war. perhaps being the victim of racial vendetta, but not conducting offensive war." and maybe should have pointed out better as to the race war.
It is my opinion though, that they (most "diversifying" minorities being foisted upon the U.S.) are already waging an offensive war for some time now. We just don't hear that much about it.


Chances are I'm wrong, as I seem to be increasingly pessimistic, but it seems to me the U.S. as a whole is sitting on a very dry tinderbox playing with matches.
Any number of real or imagined crisis, catastrophes, or incidences could touch the whole thing off.



john jay

right wing:

yep. yep. yep. and, you are so very welcome.

john jay


It's not "marshall" law, it's "martial" law. You could look it up.

And, when someone is shot, he is not filled with "led". No, it's "lead".

I thought words mattered to lawyers.

john jay


you are correct on both counts.

didn't catch the errors. my abject apologies.

you are sort of a pompous ass, aren't you? you just cannot resist the dig, ... , which is what makes you a pompous ass.

but, thanks for the proof read.

john jay

john jay

p.s. i just "love" people with the "souls" of proof readers. get those "jots" & "tittles" just right, or they are all over you.

with righteous indignation.

seldom any contribution towards idea or discourse, but lots of "high horse."

it is a minor irritation, but, an irritation nonetheless. oh, well.

buzzing & biting flies in various form exist as well, & nothing to be done about that, either. so, i will just continue to slog along, maintaining the tradition of lewis & clark in the field of grammar & spelling.

at least i lend a purpose in life to some.

john jay

p.s. i forgot all about "condescending." an oversight. my further apologies.


Interesting post, john jay. You don't have inside info, do you?

Re "the vote is as corrupt as any time in our history," have you seen this?


john jay


that is more than interesting.

i do not see why you or i are bound by an agreement between the dems & the pubs, however, as we are not party to the lawsuit.

but, on the other hand, i don't have the resources to compile such stuff.

and, oddly enough, our "protectors" in the media seem rather disinclined to do anything about it either.

so, the democrats have an institutionalized "steal the election" apparatus set up in those few key states. (is what it amounts to, de jure, de facto, and .... well, when i think of a rhyme, i'll come back.)

time to start shooting, in my belief.

john jay

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