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December 12, 2013


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Citizen Patriot


Being a University of Texas alumni, and even there is no longer the annual turkey day football brawl, there remains a long standing rivalry between UT students and Texas A&M students. Somewhere along the way, Aggies began referring to UT students as "Tea Sippers," out of respect for the sophistication of most UT students as compared to goat-roping rodeo star wantabe Aggies. I feel that "Tea Sipper" is akin to a term of endearment rather than an insult.

You do know that this term, "Tea-Bagger" is a most derogatory one? It is a gay term for boys (and, possibly, bull dykes) who suck on scrotums for sexual pleasure and/or profit.

Because I am rarely shy with sharing my political inclinations, on more than one occasion, some left-wing cocksucker referred to me as "tea-bagger". It was an unforgiveable social faux pas and resulted in a violent reaction.

For whatever reason, few liberals expect to be held directly accountable for their actions and what they do or say. And when they are called on their behavior, most are bewildered that they may have to fight for their honor. I think it is safe to say the pudd-knockers will hesitate using a pet phrase on another white haired conservative.

Well, that's pretty much what I have to say on that.

john jay

citizen patriot:

laughing my ass off. rolling on the floor, laughing my fucking ass off, even.

well, i don't care.

let the damned leftists think that they are being cute when they use the term, (and i should think that the leftists in congress, and our current dip shit president, should most probably be personally familiar with the term and any practices it may encompass), as far as i am (and remain) concerned, it just helps to identify the sons of bitches to be on the look out for when the days of reckoning come about.

i am glad you pasted the ass hole, however, and wish more people would follow their inclinations in such matters. i loved it, for instance, when the wiry old astronaut punched that son of a bitch who got in his face about the moon landing being faked on a hollywood stage. a quick upper cut to the chin of the fat bastard.

speaking of u tex. i am a duck. we are playing in texas on 12.30.2013. want to put a small, and i mean, very small, wager on the outcome?

my ducks sorta fell off the end of the world at the close of the season, and texas had a rough go of it all year long, so it is kind of interesting to see which team responds to the bell. maybe both. could be a hell of a game. last year oregon state seemed to have texas in the bag, and them let em out.

who knows?

john jay

p.s. maybe next time, the guy accidentally falls on your knees with his nuts, on his way to the ground. who knows, accidents happen.

i saw lots of em, in 25 years or so of criminal law practice, keeping them out, putting them in.

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