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December 12, 2013


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Citizen Patriot

JJ -
Your engineering feat of manufacturing a plywood gun comes just in time. Congress has just renewed the ban on 3D printers production of plastic firearms by law abiding citizens for another period of time. In what calibers will these little beauties be available?

john jay

citizen patriot:

it's not so much a plywood gun as it is a sheet metal gun. for years i've been cogitating on how to make an ar-15 the same way the rooskies make the sheet metal ak's -- sakes alive, you get up an properly automated factory w/ continuous sheet metal rolls getting stamped by robots, bent by robots, ... , etc., and you could make a gizzillion of the damned things.

so, my gun is just sheet metal without any getting bent, and the sheet metal spaced out by "plywood," though i think "laminate" far nicer a term. more refined, ain't it?

basically, all you need on these assault rifles are holes to put pins to locate and hang stuff, and they just work. trigger pin, safety pin, & hammer pin, and you got yourself an action for a semi-auto, a full auto, or a burst-fire auto, all off the same geometry.

that's the genius of the ar-15/16 platform, the fire control mechanism. it's really kind of idiot proof, you put the pins in the right geometry.

the upper receiver is all right. and, all the problems they've had are caused by people doing things w/ the platform that were never contemplated when the gun was designed -- it's a damn miracle the thing works at all, given all the changes to "mission," let alone works as well as it does w/ minimum tweaking.

by contrast, the ak-47 has shot one bullet/cartridge that i know of, the 123 grain spitzer at 2350 fps at the muzzle. one load.

contrast that w/ the ar-15, which has shot so many rounds out of so many different barrel lengths that its hard to remember them all -- and, it just works, more or less.

hell, build the upper out of steel, like they ought to, and i don't want it would take to stop it.

besides a not very good magazine retention design. that's why i am not stuck on getting the old mechanism in this rifle, because it is the one true design weakness w/ the gun.

have a good day.


p.s. this was is being built in "jj's brit," overall length 2.7" or so, as compared to 2.260". no other changes besides bullet seating depth. more speed, same pressure. same speed, less pressure.

that trade off being explored.


Ah, now I can see it in my minds eye, and it looks beautiful.

Perhaps when I'm finished making Christmas gifts (of wood) for the kids I'll have another project to fill my spare time.

john jay

right wing:

the beauty of the wood gun is that it can be readily adaptable to whatever caliber upper you want to put on it, and whatever magazine you wish to stick in the magazine well.

really, if i can get my "jj's brit" (long version) to feed out of a ar-10 magazine (.308 win. length), i am at something of a loss about what you couldn't conjure up.

sub-machine gun, uzi mags?

who knows?

john jay

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