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December 11, 2013


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Please, please, record the test fire when you have it complete! I really want to see this work, but if it doesn't I really want to see that also.

john jay



nothing like a train wreck is gonna happen, and very little to be preserved in the interests of posterity.

reasons why?

the lower receiver in an ar-15 is not a "stressed" part, and by that i mean, that none of the forces of firing a cartridge are borne by the lower receiver.

the only thing the lower receiver does is house the firing mechanism and provide a place for the cartridge mechanism.

the stresses of firing are entirely borne by a steel barrel extension which has the locking lugs built into it, and by the steel bolt whose lugs reside abutted in front of the locking lugs when the gun is in battery.

and, to bear the relatively minor, very minor forces of recoil, my wood/steel laminate has way more strength than will ever be needed. way more.

keep in mind, that by weight, good wood is stronger than steel. where steel has it over wood is in hardness, and in strength in dimension.

you could build a skyscraper from wood (witness railroad tressels built from wood beams that has lasted for decades), but, i am afraid you wouldn't have a whole lot of room left over for anything else.

john jay

john jay

p.s. jtwig:

as far as hardness goes, i wouldn't want to spend eternity sanding the end grain of iron wood, either. end grain is pretty tough stuff.

i grew up when a lot of equipment still used wooden blocks as bearing surfaces for steel parts, and it took a whole lot of wood. it wasn't pine, but, aptly named "hard wood."

tough stuff.

john jay

p.s.s. jtwig:

"... a whole lot of work."

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