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December 06, 2013


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You're making a better mousetrap. ;)

john jay


it "lays out," and the prospects are that it will work just fine.

we'll see.

i'll keep everyone posted from time to time. now i am laying out the metal work.


john jay

p.s. to grog.

metaphorically, that's pretty good. but, you don't get the kewpie doll, because i am making something quite practical, and practicable, by my lights.

we'll see.


Appears to be a drawing of a barrel on the paper. So I would guess a laminated stock or handguard for the jjbrit or some such foolisness. As to the question at hand it's pretty much what I've been thinking for some time. The real puzzle is why?

john jay


why? cuz, that's why. (actually, our friends who wish to tell us everything may someday decree that we cannot buy "store bought." this little exercise is to show that we don't always have to "buy" things, to have them.)

as to your guess.--

your basic assumption is a bit shaky, though, close. so, you are wrong.

any idiot can make a reasonably good stock. i've proved that several times. and, look at the russians and chinese w/ stuff they put on their rifles.

point established.

this is a bit more "sophisticated" than that, though hardly evident at this point.

stay tuned.


p.s. no kewpie dolls. not just yet. keep pitching.

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