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December 29, 2013


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Is there an urban area that uses local water? All the ones here on the East Coast get their water piped in from big lakes "out in the country, somewhere upstate".

john jay


i don't know of any urban area of any consequence that has local ground water sources.

i suppose the cities in the great lakes region acquire water from them.

but, your observation is pretty good, i think.--

new york city gets its water from the adirondacks, and it is delivered to the city by a very network of dams, canals, tunnels and lastly more or less local pump stations ... some of the cleanest urban water in the world.

the city long ago acquired exclusive ownership of the watersheds.

los angeles long ago stole the colorado river, and its water comes to the city over a huge network of canals and aqueducts.

pick a city, and i think you'll find that its water supply is incredibly vulnerable to attack, sabotage and pollution.

the infrastructures of the great cities are very delicate ... most are dilapidated and decayed to some extent, and all are vulnerable.

all live on high tension lines, water supply, and access by roadway, ... , to include bridges, tunnels and the like.

all take the food into the city by way of local markets.

all take their garbage out by garbage collection featuring trucks, personnel and transit stations before going to land fill or into the ocean.

all of which points are tremendously subject to attack, as they require openness, ingress and egress to function.

i wouldn't get too fucking snippy, were i an urban dweller. the infrastructure is just too vulnerable, and incapable of withstanding attack. organized attack would be a nightmare for local security agencies, and, oddly enough, random uncoordinated attack would pose even more serious problems.

john jay

p.s. did i mention the great gas and oil lines that come up from texas and the gulf coasts to the eastern sea board and the lakes region? or, the same infrastructure that delivers oil and natural gas from alaska to the pacific northwest?

as they say about chains, ... , these structures and institutions are only as strong & secure as their weakest links.

one of our local natural gas purveyors is oddly susceptible to gas line leaks and explosions, ... . i can only imagine the problems it would have, were it subject to purposeful attack.


We have already had an attack in mexafornia on an electrical system. No one knows who had done it so far. I figure islams just practicing for a big attack between now and 2016. Might even take out a city or two with some NBC warfare. It is NOT out the possibilities for the future of America.

john jay


it could be any number of people practicing.

for any number of reasons.

such sites are very vulnerable, and the left wants to mix it up with us, they should be mindful of this.

i don't need electricity for my water. simple as that.

city slickers do.

john jay

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