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November 22, 2013


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Friend Fuchs

What a wonderful reminisce JJ.

I always carry a .44 with me when I bird hunt the brushy draws around the house with my Chesapeake, one of these days she will try chasing the wrong cow moose and then expect me to rescue her.

Late one elk season several years ago a hard frost killed most everything except the flowers of red-top clover, thinking elk might enjoy a sweet treat I stood on the edge of a CRP field scattered with clover while near gale force winds buffeted me. Once it was daylight enough to see that no elk were in my immediate vision I crept to the edge of a hill so I could look down a steep draw with a small pond on one end of it. After watching the draw long enough to see no elk were feeding in it and wanting to get out of the wind I headed back towards the timber.

When I was less than 50 ft. from the timber I heard a loud galloping sound behind me, turning around I saw that a cow moose was headed straight towards me and appeared as if she had every intention of running me over.

There was no season on moose at that time and as I pulled back the hammer on my 1895 Marlin loaded with 420gr. hardcast that according to the reloading manual should clock out in excess of 1900 ft/sec. basically a sub .458 load I thought that this is going to hurt both of us if I have to pull the trigger.

She was coming at me so fast that there was only 20 ft. left between us before I raise my rifle to my shoulder, when she was 10 ft. from me she suddenly veered close enough to my right that I could have touched her with that long rifle barrel. Not taking my eyes off of her I turned as she passed me and watched as she stopped just a few feet inside the timber on the same trail I was standing on.

I could have slapped myself when I realized that she was only intent on staying on the trail.

I bumped into her again that day and I could tell we could be friends since she only moved off a few feet and watched me pass by her. I kept an eye on her the whole time until I was out of sight of her.


john jay

friend fuchs:

i have never been that close to a moose under such circumstances, and i am not so sure that i could have kept my cool, as you did.

a moose in a bad mood can make quick work of a person, if of a mind to.

it is good that you had the marlin w/ you. that was a pretty stiff load you had in it .... kills on one end, and maims on the other. i had an 1895 in .45-70, and the most i ever loaded it to was about 1300 fps w/ a 400 grain laser cast bullet. it wasn't unpleasant, but, i could tell that any more horsepower would be paid for with a little more push.

that is a wonderful story. that sort of thing really gets a guy's blood up, ... , worth every second.

did you ever get your elk that year?



Wow! Another one!
I was just coming by to re-read the other post of your memories (why don't I just print it? you ask...) when I stumbled on this one.

Thanks for letting us traipse through your memories of Scout.

I really enjoyed the pictures too. They say a picture's worth a thousand words and these are great pictures... but its the words that nourish the hunger.

Again, thanks for a great story. I love this part of the country (Eastern OR and Eastern WA) for both the beauty of the land and the beauty of the people. And reading these stories takes me to a different place and time. Like Steinbeck does...

Thanks again!


john jay


thank you very much for the read, and for your kind words.

it is very much appreciated.

john jay

Friend Fuchs


I apologize for my tardy response, life has been hectic since mom passed away. My brother suffers from depression and he fell hard, like smack hard and I never thought I would ever see him alive again. After many months of prayer and heartache both him and I visited for an hour in a parking lot in Spokane today. He said he has been clean for two weeks and wants a fresh start. I think he might make it since he has finally seen the varmint.

I did not kill an elk that year and I blew my chance to kill a bull this year. Next year I believe I will apply for a cow tag.

We canned last years elk, 84 quarts of tender bull meat and the wife has a big pot of elk stew simmering on the stove at this minute.

Continue dispensing good advise. The crunch is coming sooner rather than later and it will be much worse than ANYONE has anticipated.

Take care old friend,

john jay

friend fuchs:

sorry to hear about your loss, but, glad to hear from this may come some "gain," and the return of family.

that is good.

as to the crunch. "yes." soon. and, it will be horrible.

buy guns. buy ammo. be very prickly about your rights and privileges, and defend them at the drop of a hat.

it has come to that.


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