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October 18, 2013


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"can any person wearing a uniform of any stripe be trusted, or, like every sheriff under the employ of nottingham, are they to be considered the enemy?"

The long and short, as the growing evidence has been rubbed into our noses, is-

Pappy Van Winkle

Dustin Theoharis shot 16 times by Kings Cty. Deputy and Washington State Correction Officer in error. Just one of many.

And they are now giving them MRAPS and full auto M16s!

john jay


lemme see. five or six guys on an "entry" team. ar-15's, now m-4's/m-16's, with 30 round clips.

say they only have a 50% hit ratio.-- the next guy they shoot by accident will have just around 90 bullet holes in him. 6 x's 30 x's 50% ='s 90.

sounds about right.

john jay

p.s. i worked w/ "swat" entry team guys. they like to shoot.

john jay


the following was sent to me by "uncle kenny," who has graciously given me his permission to reprint it here.--

"John, you have to learn to look at the positive side of these things. Firstly, DHS is kindly putting all their equipment and their vast ammunition stockpile in these well known locations right in the middle of a hotbed of patriots. Consider these future FOB locations for them, or consider them warehouses for you and yours. Secondly, because they are going to all this trouble (and wasting their time and treasure) on little rural you, that means they are not able to spend quite so much on places where real insurrection is likely to begin. Finally, the Romans never got North of Hadrian's wall. If they want to ring in the Wash/Or/Id/Mont redoubt with little forts, it means they are afraid of y'all. As they say, you are living in their heads for free.\
(Of course, the Romans eventually took Scotland, but it was the priests that did it, not the legions.)
/s/ uncle kenny"

uncle kenny makes some pretty good points. the "powers that wanna be" simply are not carrying themselves as though they are confident of prevailing.

john jay

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