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October 30, 2013


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Google the phone #

john jay



didn't notice it, but, i've got you covered it.

"housemovers," essentially. look at the post immediately following, where one mystery is solved, yet another one emerges.

john jay

Mt Top Patriot

I've witnessed two uses for those bogeies. Moving a building. Jack up your structure with crib blocks and H beams, slide your bogies under the beams and cribbing, drop it all down, hook up truck tractor's or dozers, and your off to the races. The 2nd use I've been involved with is over road transport of very heavy cargo, like very high voltage step down transformers. The ability to attach the bogie sets like a train, lets you steer around tight turns, and spreads out your weight so bridges and such can be crossed. I'd say with the 12 inches of concrete slabs you noted, something real heavy is slated for the new building. One of those nifty small game camera's, with infered option discreetly placed would afford 24/7 entelagense.
Just saying.

Mt Top Patriot

12 inches of concrete is what bee52 required for a full load of gas and ordnanse. Super high precision measuring devices like CMM machines require very thick slabs, super big metal cutting and forming machines like horizontal lathes and forging hammers, so do high capacity roots blower compressors, diesel and turbine engines used to generate mega-wattage, and other like machinery to absorb vibration.

That help?

john jay

mt. top patriot:

you were absolutely correct on your assessment of the use of the trucks, and how it would be done.

i went back to the site this morning, and found the trucks being unloaded by a crane, and taken over to the shed, where preparations for moving it were happening, just as you have described.

pictures at the post following this one.

as to your "p.s.," i didn't know that b-52's used that much of a slab. i knew about the machine tools needing a very steady base, and about generators and the like. forging hammers and the roots blowers thing do not surprise me in the least.

generators especially need things to be true, plumb and stable, if anyone expects them to turn out good quality sparks, e.g., amplitude, wave length and things being synchronous, and all that.

thanks for a most informative comment.

john jay

p.s. yes, it helped. laughing.

Mt Top Patriot

I think the H model buff's can take off with 65,000lbs internal fuel, and up to 110 500lb unguided munitions if external stores are used.

Some of the early air deliverable hydrogen fusion passengers weighed around 100 grand.

Hey maybe they going to park a buff in that shed!

Anything is possible.
I mean, who can tell these things?

Our government and the press lie so much Liberty and the truth is an orphan.

john jay

mt top patriot:

still laughing.

could they get just a single wing out of the rain in that little shed?


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