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September 20, 2013


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You need to work on choosing the correct word.

As used here, it's LOSE not LOOSE.

Loose = loose change, loose-fitting clothes,

Lose = the opposite of win, to misplace and not find, as in "we have nothing to LOSE by resisting the impositions..."

Used incorrectly three times here - and in numerous other of your posts. Some lawyer.


john jay


"lose" it is, and "loose" was used incorrectly.

even very tedious persons can be right, and you are right, and the corrections have been made.

"some lawyer." fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

"credibility???" typical fucking cheap shot by people who are proof readers.

as to the rest of it, how'd you like it?

john jay

john jay

p.s. btw, thanks for the read, and the proofing.

how'd you like to hire on.


John Jay,

I very much enjoyed your writing. While Rex and some other people are fixated on the 'prettiness' of the writings, I am more concerned with the ideas and concepts behind the writings, and I find your thoughts to be well worth the read.

Thank You.

You have emboldened me to speak more freely, and to fully express my 1st Amendment Right.

john jay


thank you for the read, and thank you for the comment.

one thing about rex, ... , he's correct, i am a horrible proof reader of my own stuff. my "mind", such as it is, goes right over the top of my mistakes, just does not see them.

so, guilty as charged.

i don't mind his remarks on "proofing," though he mistakenly calls it correcting my grammar.

he's just snide, which is what pisses me off. laughing. but, he's right.

so, there you go.

you have a good day, and god's protection.

and, again, thank you.

john jay


I thoroughly enjoyed this essay and would fire Rex. There was one more "loose" I spotted. (I used to edit publications and proofread for the staff as well.) It's in this sentence:

in short, a man, or a group of men, who have neither wealth nor grandeur to loose by standing up for themselves...

This is my first visit, but I'll be back and will look at some of John Jay's earlier work.

john jay

silver dust:

thanks for the read, thanks for the visit, and thank you for your kind words.

i will correct the loosely proofed piece, ... , i am at a loss to explain how i missed the word a fourth time, ... , and i hope i don't lose any readership over it.


john jay


Although I noticed the grammatical errors too, I still thoroughly enjoyed the article and share the sentiment. Also like the Cummings-like lack of capitalization. Will definitely delve into the archives and add you to the blogroll.

john jay


i dropped by your website, and found it a very good place, w/ good articles.

i read your blogroll.

i am in some very fine company, and i cannot tell you how pleased it made me feel to read the name of my blog in that company.

i am not sure that i deserve to be there, but, thank you, very much. it is a singular honor.

thank you.

john jay


Rex, what the hell is your problem? if John decides to type as e does, why do you let it irritate you? e is who e is, e types as e does, this is his blog. if you don't like it, don't read it. fuckwad. and if you don't like my usage of irish typing diction, go suck start a harley. assclown. and no, we've never met, but if that happens, I'll be sure to forget the meeting as soon as possible.

John, another excellent tome, thank you. Yes, I chose my typing skills in the reply, the misanthrope should improve his manners, and you certainly don't need me to defend you, but whomever rex is, he gets irritating. I've been reading your words for over four years now, and never considered offering any spelling suggestions, that's near the pinnacle of arrogance in my view. You type as you do, that's how it is.

I watched about 20 seconds of the jugears "speaking" at the memorial for the navy yard dead earlier today, it was pathetic, the false emotion and false interest while uttering the words describing the lives of those now passed on was incredible, how any breathing person could be so devoid of empathy is beyond my skills to figure. And I'm better off not being able to figure that.

Blessings to you, stay safe.


As a friend of long standing I wonder how Rex would fare on a "death march" a week of "hell camp". Me thinks we might need to invoke the "head and hands rule.

john jay


what? 30 years? it has been a while.

perhaps carrying a rain sodden canvas wall tent up the "mule face?" maybe hiking out w/ elk quarters over ground frozen in shadow and congealed mud in the sunlight, in a steady drizzle, all in underwear tops as the rest of the morning's clothing had been shed to cool from the exertion?

ah, makes me want to break out in a chorus of "memories."


good to hear from you, as per always. i'll let you know if i think that i can spring the pup, ... , i am having to decide whether i can care for the little guy, don't know if i am suited anymore.

as noted, i don't mind rex pointing out that my proofreading is not the greatest ... so much is obvious, hardly to be denied. even the people miffed at rex have to admit that my spelling is not so great, and proofreading pretty spotty, to say the least.

but, he serves a useful function pointing out my faults.

i don't understand, however, why he has to be so snotty about other extraneous matters, unless that is his real sole purpose. maybe his "soul" purpose, what? laughing.

maybe he'll come around. time will tell.


p.s. as to the "head and hands" rule. having some ticker problems didn't stop me from elk hunting for a time, but, it presented a quandary for my camp mates, e.g., what to do with my body if i croaked.

i knew that they would not break camp to haul my carcass in, while on the trail of bull elk. i didn't expect them to, and i certainly would not have had one of them expired unexpectedly.

i didn't want them to roll me under a log, and claim i hadn't come back to camp one evening. heavens, they might have experienced some lingering guilt over that.

but, i wanted to be buried proper.

so, i suggested a "compromise." i made them promise, that if i died, they could set me out to freeze if the weather were cold enough, and then when it was time to break camp, they could just bring out my head and hands. i figured my friends at the mortuary in milton freewater would know what to do, as they would have put the neck in a good shirt, stuffed the suit w/ newspaper, and stuck the hands out the sleeves of the coat, and cowboy boots out the pant legs.

i made corky promise that he would get the "right" and "left" of things correctly, or at least not reverse them on purpose.

corky promised. he tells the story over dice for coffee sometimes, in good high humor.

i like that corky.

think maybe i should ask rex to elk camp, ... , explaining the "head and hands rule," of course.

it would be only fair. or, is that fare? for him?


I don't think he could pass the "tepid" test.

john jay


no, he doesn't strike me as "cold camp" *** material. a bit straight laced for that sort of lunacy.


*** rollie and i hunted elk for many years, our camps set up at about the 6,000 foot level to catch the first snows of the season.

sometimes we were just a bit too "lucky" in catching those snows.

one year we spent 5 or 6 days straight in a camp in which every drop of water or liquid was frozen solid ... 24 hours a day. we boiled snow to cook & drink, and didn't worry too much about washing.

not a place for those with a fastidious bent.

i think that i will write a post about the "tepid incident."

you want to write the rebuttal?

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