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September 29, 2013


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Bill D

The Swiss Swiss citizenry may be armed but not with privately owned firearms. Ownership of those is as restrictive as anywhere in Europe.

The weapons kept at home are issued by the state, the Swiss army along with uniform, helmet, web-gear and the rest of it. Ammo is issued in sealed boxes and all may be inspected at any time on demand. This is not at all comparable to private gun ownership Americans enjoy.

I like to keep the record straight and argument honest, Mr. Patriot.

john jay

bill d:

just to keep the record straight.--

you might wish to tell readers what happens when an adult male lives past his "membership" in the militia.

it is my understanding that upon his retirement the rifle that he has had in his possession either may pass to his personal ownership, or he may buy it, upon his severance from service.

in short, he owns it, as he owns his car or his house. i've seen programs on swiss gun ownership where an individual or individuals own and possess in their home rifles owned by their grandfathers and father before them, along with a rifle they've owned.

i think that you've not provided a fair picture of gun ownership and use in switzerland.

guns are owned and retained privately.

and, every year, all over switzerland, great shooting competitions and festivals are held, by civilians, and not the military.

i'll go with my views. and, i reject yours. "gun ownership" in switzerland is just that, ... , gun ownership, by private citizens and individuals.

john jay

john jay

p.s. any swiss veterans of military service out there, willing to contribute their views and recount their experience w/ regard to gun ownership in switzerland.

any swiss citizens at all?


These tyrants are afraid of us.

They are afraid of what we will do to them for what they are doing to us.

It is why they they call the AR15 rifle an "assault weapon".

Because they are afraid it will be used to assault them for what they have done to this great Republic.

It is why the are attempting to make peaceful redress impossible.

They are afraid because the idea of truth and reason reveals their illegitimacy.

They are afraid of people speaking freely because they only have power until they do not.

They only have power as long as the fiction of their legitimacy is hidden behind the existing appearance of legitimacy.

They are afraid.
Very afraid.
Afraid we will know the truth of them.

I think it is too late for them.

I think they have made revolution to their illegitimacy possible.

I think what terrifies these tyrants is people are beginning to see, indeed, but what these tyrants fear more than anything is the truth that people are beginning to realize they are not alone.

It is a cascade preference of Liberty.

And no tyrant, no power, no law, can stop this.

Because the simple truth is once people stop believing in the legitimacy of the power and monopoly of force of the tyrants and their system of rule over us, they simply have no power any longer.

They only posses the means to enforce their will through threat of violence.

That is why they are tyrants.

It is why they are afraid.

Afraid people are beginning to believe.

Believe the only power in this land, the only legitimacy of the sovereign, has always resided in us.

What is even grander than this, what is so wonderful, this great nation of freemen has in it's grasp the ability and wherewithal to become greater than any can imagine.

That ideal of the shining light on the hill is true.

When you believe you become free.

And that is the freest speech, the most powerful assault weapon of Liberty there is.

Oh yes, they are afraid.

They should be.

They should be terrified of us.

They know power.

But they do not know what true power is, how truly powerful we the people are.


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