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September 23, 2013


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One must remember that Maxim invented the machine gun in order to make it easier for Europeans to slaughter each other. He thought war would then be too horrible to contemplate. As most Americans he didn't understand the European mind nor the age old animosities which still lurk just under the surface.


Damn right.. Nailed it again..
- Rumson

john jay


they do like to kill each other. w/ enthusiasm.

scratch 'em deep enough, it comes out.


thanks for coming by, thanks for the read, and thanks for the comment.

i don't think the euro/brits/ruskies have any moral standing to criticize the u.s., or anyone else, for that matter, when it comes to the issue of blood letting.

the list of the 20th century wars in europe is truly astounding. we are utter pacifists by comparison. i do not say that w/ tongue in cheek, either.



Bravo. We might add, what about the brush fires currently infecting greater Europe in particular at the hands of peace loving Islam? How's that gun-free thing-y working out for them? They'll probably want the Americans to intervene again at some point.

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