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August 30, 2013


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JJ -
Good read. Your readers can learn a lot from your musings and doped shooting data. I picked up a couple of pointers here. I shoot hyper-velocity .224 77 grain Nosler Custom Competition Bullets, seated in E. Arthur Brown delrin .30 cal accelerator sabots and shot through a .300 WBY Mag with Varget powder. The Weatherby Vanguard action and barrel are mounted in a Blackhawk sniper stock for a floating barrel. It be pretty accurate and dialed in for long shots. Will try your tweaking methodology. More later.

john jay


your set up is a good deal more sophisticated than mine.

and, i would think, a good deal more expensive.


i cannot imagine the velocity that you must get with that set up. zippy, i would guess.

it would take a bit of the pain out of range estimation, though i would suspect that doping the wind is something else again.

but, when shooting through the mush and fighting gravity take their inevitable toll, things go downhill with your load as they do for everyone/everything else ... just a lot farther out.

good to hear from you.




Every mph of wind AT RIGHT ANGLES to the bullet path moves the bullet 1.76" per 0.1 seconds flight time.

With a 15mph crosswind and a .25 second flight, this is 66" - five and a half FEET - of lateral drift.

The math gets complicated when the wind is at any other angle. A diagonal breeze will push the bullet less sideways, but also change the velocity. Trig is your friend here, or just get a wind app.

Worse, the direction of rifling twist will effect bullet drop up or down depending on which way the wind is blowing. Righthand twist, righthand wind, the bullet drops less. Luckily this doesn't amount to very much, but it is a real factor at long range.

Good luck!

john jay


just got a phone call from a friend at the range, shooting 850 yards in a stiff wind.

(always in our little valley, a wind.)

he's holding a mil and a half, plus, and that's not quite enough.

that's right compatible w/ your formula, for sure.

thanks for the note, thanks for the read, and good to hear from you.

doncha be no stranger, now, ... , as we say out n.e. oregon way.


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