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July 28, 2013


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Hey John:
Yep,I completely agree. I have found that the high tech “breathable” waterproofing membranes are pretty pathetic in real life. They breath as long as they are dry but once the exterior of the garment is soaked I think that the liquid water effectively plugs the tiny pores in the membrane and then you might as well be wearing a rubber raincoat. I like the synthetic long johns because they retain no moisture whatsoever so a person can go from being wet from sweat to dry in a very short period of time. My Filson probably weighs five extra pounds at the end of a rainy day of hunting but it is still warm. I also think that as the wool fibers absorb moisture they swell a bit and the coat becomes more wind resistant. Those who don’t respect the superior natural durability of wool have never used it. Besides, I’m thinking that a hunter who smells like a wet sheep has a natural scent blocking advantage. Wet wool sure smells better than deer piss or elk urine. Ross

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