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April 24, 2013


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She thinks she is the wife (beard)of the gay Muslim who was not vetted and was illegally placed in the WH by voter fraud, the guy whose college education was Saudi financed. When are enough peole going to wake up and realize that the jackals in Congress are NOT going right the wrongs and impeach him? The founders never imagined that the checks and balances in the Constitution would be negated by treasonous vipers in all three branches of government. It is up to the people- and if they don't act, and very soon, we will be totally bankrupt- financially, ethically, and morally. Our great nation is turning into a cesspool. I, for one, am totally fed up.


Where are the pictures of Mooch-elle visiting the many others spectators injured in this terrorist attack??


Who would the King trust with a message that would destroy him and his court should it be intercepted, betrayed, or mis-delivered?

A messenger whose loyalty was without question and would never bring witness against him?

And what would been seen afar of the King's most trusted messenger's presence among such men?

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