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April 26, 2013


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I called the author of the article and spoke with him. As soon as I mentioned the photos from the Blaze he turned semi-Hostile. He would not entertain the idea period.

As for the owner of the first three photos, all he would say is that they came from the photo dept. I didn't press him on that.

PS. the address I entered below is bogus.


his name is Bob Leonard of Taunton, the name is in the Meta Data of the first photo. It is an enhanced enlargement of the third photo.

Also look at these also by the same guy. The last photo is the corner of where the FBI released the photos to the public. In their video you can see an man in a doorway that is blurred out. In the last photo here Just to the left of the tree. You can see him putting an earwig in his ear. He's a spook.


and just because I'm feeling in a good mood, here's the search results showing where Mr. Leonard's photos have shown up.


well the link to the results page keeps disappearing. Not sure if you are deleting it or if the software it, unless asked for I won't post it again.

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