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April 13, 2013


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JJ -
It's been awhile since my last confession; since I'm not Catholic, it's been for ever. For what it may be worth, before the National Guard can be federalized, each and every swinging dick and dickette must be released by the Governor of the owning State. I don't see any massive National Guard mobilization (recall how Gov. Dukakis on MA refused the release of the MA Guard to support Bush). The National Guard belongs to the States, not to DoD or the CINC. The military Reserves do, however, belong to DoD. Either group still will follow their sworn to defend the Constitution and free Americans against all enemies foreign or domestic.

Having stated this, it is questionable if BHO has the authority to declare a state of martial law on a national level without the consents of the governors of each State. In fact, federal action cannot on any level by any of its police without wide-spread rioting and looting (recall the situations when MLK was murdered and New Orleans) without the invitations of the governors.

Even with DHS armed to the teeth, and responsible for keeping the U.S. safe from terrorists. And even though they already have a presence in the States (TSA, FBI, etc.), they will be hard-pressed to goose-step through the streets without the wide-spread violence.

Fortunately for us all, martial law cannot precede the violence regardless of our being prepared to visit this violence upon Federal government. Having the where-with-all to do so is not justification. Sort of like the case of a female coming equipped with a vagina doesn't in and of itself make her a prostitute.

BHO can sign all the PO's he's a mind to. Without the consent of the States, he cannot ascend to the throne with paper edicts and a turd in his pocket.

But I could be mistaken about him and his Blue Shirts.


P.S. Not bad photographs for an AOB.

john jay


good legal points.

now, tell me whether or not obama has had the legal authority to do a lot of the things that he has done.

what will the governors of california, new york, oregon, washington, colorado, pennsylvania and illinois do if obama moves to nationalize the national guard?

the governors of texas and florida may tell him to go take a hike, but, i doubt his political cohorts/party/underlings will.

you raise a good point, however, as the actions of the various state governors may very well split the nation in half, or preserve it.

we'll see.

technically speaking, abraham lincoln was without legal authority to suspend habeas corpus during the civil war, but, he did so, and he made it stick. without all the power and authority of present-day presidents, btw.

i do not see that the authority for a president to declare a state of emergency or martial law is in any sense dependent upon the approval of the governors of the several states.

on one thing i do agree. if they come goose stepping through against the political consensus of the people, especially the gun toting people, there will be wide spread carnage.

d.h.s. will need their bagpipes, as they will be leading the wailing and the lamentation.

yes, b.o. can sign presidential orders.

and, he will.

in my estimation, along the lines that i have set out. i do not see legal impediments serving as political impediments to obama, if he thinks that he can get away with it.

and, i believe that he believes he can.

i think god and the american people are gonna quite seriously snub the arrogant little bastard up to a very splintery hitching post. right up to his chicken neck.

someone's view of the world is gonna be brought into serious question, and that's for sure.

john jay

john jay

p.s. on an historical note, i don't think that president dwight eisenhower felt that he had to have the permission of governor orville faubus to nationalize the arkansas national guard when he moved to protect the integration of an arkansas high school.

i think he nationalized every last one of the soldiers in the national guard.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Rock_Nine .



obama will not use law enforcement and most military. he will however arm the blacks and the illegals, plus invoking UN charter to import hundreds of thousands of foreign troops to impose his dictatorhip. look on drudge report. he has signed an agreement with russia to bring in russian troops to provide security in the event of mass demonstrations.

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