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March 25, 2013


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Pappy Van Winkle

DHS is using MRAPS as "police" cars! Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public are some badass dudes and dudettes!

john jay


aptly pappily put. laughing.

actually, some of us dudes and dudettes are pretty bad ass, to the extent some of the pups just don't realize, just yet.

one of those mrap things shows up around these parts, they are likely to find out just how bad ass we can be.

got into an involved e-mail discussion with a fellow the other day.

he wanted to take the position that the mrap's were legitimate acquisitions, and were not engines of war.

to which i said, utter bullshit!!!

if d.h.s. wanted to get trucks, they could have surplussed/acquisitioned trucks. instead, they got armored personnel carriers.

they intend war. and since "we" are the only ones around these parts, in these parts, i guess the "we" they intend to war upon are "us."

john jay

p.s. i wonder how the air intake/cooling system on one of those things will handle about 5 gallons of gas burning on top of it? always been curious about such things. typically, armored vehicles are pretty tough to the front, sides and with these things on the bottoms. the tops are usually pretty vulnerable, ... , witness all the world's heavy tanks.

we'll see, soon enough, i suspect.

Pappy Van Winkle

I expect there will be darkness for a while, til the sun shines again.

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