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March 15, 2013


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I'd be interested in the info on how you did it. I plan on using an existing Brass and shoe horning a custom Mag towards the trigger group. If only the SOCOM Upper was available in the AR10's magazine width. Lightweight Rifles have just gone too far, I have examined the latest of each and I can tell you they are Not Battle Rifles you would want in Hand to Hand Combat. Instead the New Lower should be stronger and re-enforced in critical areas to withstand the Abuse of the 264 Cartridge. 3 years of info and experience I want to read. Thanks.

john jay


"... how i did it ..." is covered almost step by step in blog posts preceding the instant post. at least 10 or 15 posts, more, actually.

all are accompanied by pictures.

basically, to form the case a friend who is a gunsmith ground 7mm-08 dies down to leave the shoulder of the case right at 1.300". this was done.

cases were formed by running almost anything with a .473" case head through the resulting forming die, with the depriming stem & ball removed.

excess length was removed w/ a dremel. the case was then resized, and outside neck turned. most have not required being neck reamed.

a .284 caliber barrel bland was acquired, and turned to a medium barrel weight dimension. a .473" diameter bolt head and barrel extension were acquired from ar15performance, run by harrison beane. he goes by "tech."

it was put together.

a friend, drew at the barkingmoonbat blog, helped with load formulation, via quickload. (although i ignored most of his recommendations as to powder and charge, what i used he determined to be safe, if not optimum in his opinion.)

the rifle functions, and well. to get it up and going a heavy duty les baer bolt carrier group and very heavy spring and buffer were installed in the buffer tube.

it is very accurate, and very reliable, even though the magazine is not optimum for feeding "fat cartridges" like the .280. oil 'em. it works.

will i build another?

probably not, though i will probably use the cartridge in a bolt gun for deer hunting.

what would i do, if i wanted to experiment again? --

quite simply, i would use the 6.8mm remington spc case as the basis of a cartridge, and i would probably experiment with a .308" bullet, around 135 grains in weight. sierra makes just the ticket, if i am not mistaken. i would use 4198 or h-322 as a propellant, and and be very happy about it, because it is predictable and clean.

i wouldn't attempt an "milk straining" loads. i would be more than happy to get 2400 fps, perhaps 2450 fps, and call it a day. i just want to have a cartridge useful on a 400 to 450 battlefield, to be reasonably lethal on 250 lb mammals, and that would be a reliable performer in an ar-15 platform.

the 6.8mm case is not that much smaller than what i ended up with in "jj's brit," but has appreciably more case capacity than either the 7.62x39mm, or the 6.5mm grendle. it would be a more powerful cartridge than either of them, and they are good enough in their own right, though i think the grendle egregiously hyped.

i wouldn't go through all the case forming gymnastics i went through with "jj's brit," that's for sure.

and, for that matter, i regard the 6.8mm rem spc to be good enough in its own right.

john jay

p.s. as to "hand to hand" combat, i am too old for that shit. in my opinion, it is to be avoided ... you can get hurt fighting that close. i am not interested in fighting. my interests lie in surviving, and killing, if need be, when it comes to the use of firearms.

i would view it as a major failing of tactics & strategy if ever involved in "hand to hand" fighting. a big mistake. you can get hurt doing that shit.

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