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January 08, 2013


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Mesa Goat Man

I know that communist are interchangeable but it is Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.Keep fighting the good fight.


Well and truly said.

I would add that no force in history has done extremely well against small unit guerrilla attacks. They might have at long last worn them down but generally it is the other way around.

It cost much more to field a larger government force. A small unit guerrilla force is pretty much self sustaining and mobile. The Country is already broke. You think anyone is going to fund us by buying bonds if insurrection breaks out? Not likely for the long term. So it will wear on them quickly and they will want to finish it quickly which will open then up for even more broad actions.

They will get spread too thin, take too many losses and their ranks will begin to thin by defections.

Arrogance will be their downfall.

Big Dog

the only hope that obama and minions have is that by carrying out violent and deadly raids on a number of "examples," that the gun owning public will be intimidated and unnerved, and will not act as it has announced.

While this is true failure by the regime to win a violent exchange meant to make an example will devestate government forces. Imagine a government raid that results in a huge win by the patriot forces. Government will be demoralized and public support from those on the fence will erode

john jay

big dog:

you ever see that funny little poster of the big long neck bird trying to swallow a frog, and he's out the mouth with his arms and hands, hanging onto the neck refusing to go down?

well, they may get a couple of us in such raids as we are talking about, but, it is incumbent on each of us the target of such a raid, to take as many of them down with us as we can.

a couple on the porch landing, maybe one in the living room, and fight like hell from your last redoubt to get another before you depart this vale of sin and tears.

and, if you can fight your way back to the front window, maybe pop one of the command assholes on his radio out in the street.

yes, agreed. precisely.

if we can get a couple three of them each time, pretty soon the assholes just won't like the "math" of the situation.

they'll run out of "them" before we run out of "us." simple as that.

john jay

john jay

mesa goat man:

yah, i get those two messed up on their first names all the time.

as you say, "fungible bads."

john jay

p.s. i'll just hang in here shooting my mouth off, until someone shuts it. thanks for the read, thanks for the comment, and thanks for fighting the good fight.

john jay

lord champ:

agreed on all points.

two little words really make the pee run cold outa these assholes.

"tax revolt."

they do something like this, we get a couple nice little "victories" as big dog notes, and they act with their usual heavy handed arrogance, ... , they might not be so popular.

and, if people stop paying taxes, they are toast. they can print all the money they want, and give the ghetto neighborhoods all the damned free phones & t.v.'s in the world, and they are still toast.

but, i don't think anything will dissuade them. they are ideologues of the first order, and they will do anything they can to make the realities of the world conform to their theories. they will try to make "is," into "should be," no matter how often it has been demonstrated not to work.

the upshoot?

we have a glorious fight and victory ahead of us, and we get to weed a lot of the sorry bastards from our midst.

and, restore the union, and the constitution.

john jay

p.s. everyone, thanks for the reads and the comments, and tally ho!!

let's fight 'em wherever we find them. and, when we cannot find them, we'll go looking for them.

bring 'em on.

john jay

mesa goat man:

correction made.--

it is now "diane feinstein."


john jay


We will act on a "human scale".


Excellent summary of the order of events, Mr. Jay, the small actions are the key, specific objectives to reduce influence of the arrogant badges, and the persuasion of honesty directed at the indifferent will be the mode of success for we who seek to restore Liberty.


A side note, I copied the link for your story on several blogs this evening.

john jay


deep holes make excellent burial plots. just put the markers on the sealed doors.

and, thank you very much for posting the link at other blogs. someone did so at western rifle shooters, and the conversations just took off. very gratifying, for me, anyway.

and, thanks for the read, and the compliments. it is appreciated.

john jay

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