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December 27, 2012


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Regarding the machiavelli comment;

Regarding the overall theme of your thoughts;

Here are two websites you may find have quality information;



A belated merry Christmas and good wishes for the new year to you, although current events, if continued, will most likely diminish the positive outlook for the short term, at least.



Excellent post.

Here are some more intel akin to activist post.

I don't know if these are to be beleived or not but it is good food for thought. We are close to the cauldron bubbling over, imho.



Keep in mind the battle of Lexington, 70 Militia took down hundreds of Gungrabber Redcoats.

The shot heard round the world.

john jay

grog iii :

just up. didn't sleep well.

it will take a while for me to read and digest your links.

i have a short post in mind, on where the battle will be fought.

john jay

john jay


i will read this afternoon, after "lunch."

scrambled eggs and home fried taters. i have a potato that is sprouting at the eyes, so i've got to get rid of it before it goes soft.


Stranded in Sonoma

I believe that some of the military will switch sides and join with the freedom fighters. Not all. Remember, we do speak the same language. When the British were having desertion problems in the Revolutionary War, they hired Hessian soldiers because they only spoke German and most colonists didn't.

I think that if some of the military leaves the socialists, the side of freedom would end up with lots of weapons and ammo and other such war materiel. Then it would snowball from there.

Just my (0bama inflated) $20.

Benson II

I can't believe I'm saying this but I hope your correct. I see only the ignorant and uninformed around me who will be shocked if your scenario comes to pass. Instead of taking down the talkers in the Obama propaganda mill we need to take down the stations and replace them with truth. I don't see an up side to this but it's clear we have no one in our government who's willing to fight this regime so there will be no other choice.

john jay

benson ii:

yes. yes. yes.

john jay

john jay


excellent points on the hessians. though, some of 'em probably had cousins here, even then. but, an excellent point .... the military will find it very distasteful to turn their guns on family and friends, ... , and, most importantly, upon their beliefs.

the military is far closer to us, than to their bosses in the civilian command structure. and, there aren't very many wesley clark in the command structure, for that matter.

good points, all.

john jay


Oath Keepers and the like will split the US military and we will see the rise of efforts to guage if a soldier is progressive enough to follow orders that are contrary to the Constitution.

john jay


"progressives" usually have not been the sort to be among the ranks of the unlisted.

we see a few "careerist" types in the officer ranks, but, fortunately, not many.

i don't see the sons and daughters of the privileged and the left rushing to join the military.

they don't believe in enough to put their bodies and lives at risks.

i don't think the ranks will relish the prospect of shooting friends and family.

we'll see.

john jay

john jay

oops, sorry ....

better make that "enlisted."

oh wha tugu siam.


OK, then what? The civil war starts with one or two incidents, somebody famous gets killed, the left screams for more draconian measures, more killing, then order and discipline breaks down. Now we've got a full scale blood letting on our hands, and after all is said and done, the citizenry "win". Then what? What form of government do we have? The Constitution will be null and void, whoever is in charge of what's left will have the same problems the current regime has.

Your game plan stops short of the true outcome. Well written, yes, but you haven't explained what happens after that. To me, the 'what's next' is far more important.

john jay


you raise interesting points, which must be addressed.--

as a general observation, it is foolhardy to predict "history."

it happens, and lots of things are unpredictable.

it seems to me, however, that the left, obama and his minions, are the ones who force the issue, and are the ones who set events in motion.

but, i would think, that the constitution would not be null and void after a successful insurrection. those of us who would press it, do so in affirmation of constitutional principles, and in affirmation of the constitution.

it seems startling clear to me, that is obama, and his henchmen and -women who seek to destroy and abridge constitutional privilege and right.

it is obama who wants to take my right to have guns away, and, who, i am convinced will next move on the right to free speech.

as to our current problems.--

well, i do not think it entirely accurate to say that we would have the same problems we have now, because those problems would be addressed in a markedly different fashion than they are now.

we would have horrendous debt to face up to, and we would have to pay it, as best we could. (this by the way, was the circumstance of the nation when founded, and it was faced by payment of the debts that existed. simple as that.)

the "game plan" will be addressed, in a logical and concise function. suffice it to say, at this point, that i simply don't agree with your basic assumptions.

john jay

p.s. i have an interesting video for you. it is about nicolai causescu's trial and execution.

it is brief. his trial was brief, he execution (along w/ his wife) just out the door of the court room.

it was all very summary.

it is an interesting video, as the soldier who commanded the execution appeared on the film, something of a narrator to the events.

it is interesting to watch his face as events transpired, and as he relates them.

some were grief stricken by ceausescu's death.

others celebrated.

i suppose it is something of an historical judgment as to whether romania is better or worse off with his execution.

it seems to me that most romanians felt it necessary, historically and as it happened.

here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhTflHfPhgc .

you tell me how it all turned out, and whether it was entirely predictable.

but, if you are on a street, and someone marches up and punches you in the face, does the fact on whether you fight back or not turn on how you think it will all turn out?

john jay

p.s. -- to chris --

in my view, these are the risks that obama and his minions undertake.

they set this in motion by trying to abridge rights and privileges that belong to us, not because of the 2nd amendment, but precedent to it. these are rights gained under the magna carta, and viewed as natural law to political philosophers like john locke and sir william blackstone, the great codifier of the english common law.

these were the veiws, by the way of the founders, who fashioned the constitution.

read "the federalist papers" by jay, madison and hamilton if you need the above propositions substantiated. you'll find that if you read the u.s. code annotated that the "federalist papers" are part of the american "organic law," along with the declaration of independence and the constitution as adopted.

obama runs this risk of civil war, he precipitates it by his actions.

in my view, he does this only because it is necessary to further his agenda once he has grabbed the guns.

what other motive can he have?



You and I are on the same page as far as the opposition goes. The current administration and Congress have no legitimacy, and the left has overreached on virtually all fronts.

I posit my question as more of a quandary than an oppositional declaration. I've sworn the oath, twice. Do I subrogate that oath to achieve a short term goal? Do I abrogate the protections of the Constitution once the trigger is pulled? If so, how do I then demand the protections of the Constitution when I have denied those protections to those I oppose?

Don't get me wrong, I'll man up, stand up, and fix bayonets when the time comes. But there will be changes when the blood stops flowing. My question will be the same. What then?

I have read the Federalist Papers, and the "Anti Federalist Papers." or the Bill of Rights.

The former won't stand without the latter.

I know what his motive is. Doom on him!

john jay


welcome aboard.

those who resist this, do so to affirm the constitution, and of our rights and liberties.

the oath that counts the most is the one that affirms truth. the truth of this matter is that the nation was founded so that human potential could flower in liberty (not unfettered license.)

any oath that subverts that is in the service of someone else's personal ambition, and is largely something that is coerced.

god, family, country, and above all, honor and freedom.***

those are the values that last.

john jay

*** throw in a little piety, humility and rectitude, ... , and, you've got a pretty solid person.


The blood letting will be done with NATO forces, and they are already here.
The gubment wants to kill off a couple hundred million of us anyway because they dont need us for labor anymore like they used too.

john jay


as to the gubment.--

they always need us for taxes and cannon fodder.

as to the nato forces.--

most excellent. good. capital. i say that, because people will have absolutely no reluctance to kill those bastards.

they will stick out like sore thumbs. they do not know "the lay of the land."
and, if they are like all other nato troops, their blue hats will make excellent aiming points.

john jay

Norman N. House

This all sounds great. Very inspiring. But not very realistic.

Look, I hate the government. I am not personally afraid of death. And I will never register or surrender my guns.

But I am a family man. I have small children. We are having a baby tomorrow. A BABY. A TINY, HELPLESS BABY. That baby, my other child, and their mother need me. What is it that you expect me to do, put on a tricornered hat, pick up my Mossberg (I can't afford an AR-15 -- I have a BABY to feed) and go stand in front of the Post Office or something? What the f--k good is that going to do?

The problem is lack of leadership. Local leadership. Local leadership by warriors who know what the hell they are doing and are willing to stick their necks out. I'll tell you what. If some retired Army or Marine Corps colonel in my area were to put up flyers saying "Patriots meet up at City Park on Sunday. Bring your gun", I'd do it in a heartbeat. But no retired Army or Marine Corps colonel in my area is doing that. They're all on the Internet posting "Molon Labe" to each other.

So what am I supposed to do -- post my own little flyer? No one would come to my freedom rally -- because I'm not a retired Army or Marine Corps colonel. I'm a Navy man. You want me to help you man a ship? Can do. You want me to organize an infantry company? Can't help you. I don't know a damned thing about the infantry.

I am just an ordinary citizen. I am not a commando, a special ops warrior, or even an ordinary grunt. I'm a middle-aged, out-of-shape Navy man with two young children, a wife, and a family business that the federal government is doing its damnedest to destroy. I CAN'T DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

So until someone in my area who knows what the hell they are doing steps up to organize a brigade here in my home town, I'm going to hide here with my wife and kids and prepare myself for a lonely death on my own front porch.

Okay, all you military geniuses. Step on up! this is your chance. When I see you guys drilling on the lawn outside City Hall, I'll believe your "Molon Labe" and join in. But if you guys expect me to dump my wife and kids and singlehandedly charge the New World Order with my 12 gauge, think again.

I have asked these questions on other websites. I have yet to hear any convincing answers. Until I get some, I'll just sit here and take care of my family until the black-suiters come for me, and then I'll die.

john jay


you probably won't believe this, but this is something that i have been chewing around for some time.

i've been away from the blog for a bit, ... , the usual stuff, family, other things, ... , but these are things that need addressed.

been kicking it around, haven't got to the scribbling stage yet, but, will.

john jay

p.s. and, yes, you've hit the nail on the head.

Snowman today

I have the feeling that the administration and the gun grabbers believe that either we're all show and no go as the hotrodders used to say, or that they're so powerful that they're unstoppable. They may be right on both counts, and they might "win", but it'll be very ugly, dirty, and nasty on and for both or all sides.

Confronting the US military face to face won't win, and I think we all know that. The Afghans, the Vietcong, and others have done very well for themselves with little equipment. It will be "interesting".

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