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December 26, 2012


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Jeff Smith

Well and concisely put. I will share with friends.

The Old Guy

The government -- any government -- will be no more successful in removing guns from our streets and homes than they have been in removing drugs therefrom, even with an increased level of tyranny.

What I am more concerned about is our will, our will to resist.

Solzhenitzyn, speaking at Harvard, wondered why the citizens of Leningrad cowered in their homes while they were arrested one by one, why no one set up an ambush with hammers and axes.

How many of us will have the will to resist when push comes to shove?

john jay

old guy:

you raise good points.

none of us are defenseless, even if no firearms are at hand.

i keep a model 98 mauser bayonet at the door. in my kitchen drawers i have meat cleavers, rolling pins, and the like. on my kitchen counter is a holder for chicago cutlery, with two butcher knives and two chef's knives.

on my shelves, (because i am a child of the 60's i am doing pretty good not to have several lancer's rose crocks with candles on them, laughing), i have several empty wine bottles.

yes, we are all armed to the teeth, whether we know it or not. and, we all have the capacity to resist, as long as we have teeth, fists and finger nails.

it is, as solzhenitzyn said and you note, all a matter of will.

john jay

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