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December 28, 2012


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John, I shared this with another Patriot, hope you don't object.



john jay


no objections at all. maybe someone that frequents that blog will come by here.

it cannot hurt. laughing.



Hell, give yourself some credit, lol. I've been reading your words for over 2 years, I just choose to not always comment.


JJ -

You have a good handle on how this assymetirc war will have to be fought. Recall a few of my earlier remarks. The fight in D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland will need to be focused on second and third-tier support personnel to elected officials. The fight will be ugly - the face of war is always so, one does what is necessary.

Where we may not be complete agreement is the role of the active military. In my opinion, there will be a coup to unseat current top leadership and replace with field-generals and colonels leading the troops not associated with MDW. The military will then take D.C. and stand up a temporary government complete with Nuremburg Trials.

I will read through the blogs in the next few days and try to get out of the vacuum.

"Whoever does not have the stomach for this fight let him depart. Give him money to speed his departure since we wish not to die in this man’s company."

"Whoever lives past this day and comes home safely will rouse himself every year on this day, show his neighbor his scars and tell embellished stories of all their great feats of Battle. These stories will teach his son. And from this day until the end of the world, we shall be remembered."

"We few. We Band of Brothers. For whoever has shed his blood with me shall be my Brother."

"And those men afraid to go will think themselves lesser men as they hear how we fought and died together."
- Shakespeare; Henry V

P.S. The Stone Interview may be an eye opener: http://rt.com/news/oliver-stone-us-orwellian-022/.


P.P.S. Assemytric war is both up close and personal and beyond arm's length and faceless. But in the end it all washes off with the right liquids.

john jay


very interesting remarks.

i have sometimes thought about the possibility of a command structure coup.

i would have thought that benghazi would have been the inspiration for something like that, rather than an issue like "gun control," (which we ought to call "thought control," because that is the aim of it. an odd concept, perhaps, but people without guns don't think the same way.)

but, you point of an insurrection fought in the d.c., virginia, maryland, etc. corridor is spot on, especially as to the targets involved. and, the aims of eliminating the bureaucracy that is part and parcel of the obama scheme: they are "partnered" with him, the whole way. as they are with their "euro union" counterparts, ... , they aim to rule the world.

good points, all.


p.s. shakespeare comes in handy now & again, eh? smiling.


JJ -
My take on the trip-wire device will be the gun control issue along with censorship of free thought and speech, which is occurring with both this administration and the MSM. While your thoughts of the Benghazi Murders have merit, I think there is a great motivational difference between government collaboration / conspiracy with foreign enemies in external affairs and that same government collaboration / conspiracy applied directly on our Constitution and personal freedoms and liberty at home. I believe the latter threats demand more immediate action. And I believe the line in the sand has been drawn. I would rather see the Military get involved to right the ship-of-state rather than a slow-burn reaction inspired by civil revolt and the violence that will follow that route.

So too, does an old Greek Credo, "Molan Labe." For that matter, so does an old George Carlin quote and my moniker, "Kill for peace" seems applicable.

john jay


i don't see much distinction between gun confiscation and curtailment of free speech.

one is just the precursor to the other.



JJ -
Correctamundo, as the Fonz would say. One begats the other.

Regarding some statements within the BLOG listings, the mayor of Chicago is not Mossad, and there is no place within the confines of the US where ex-feds, elected officials, and "Wall Street" execs can exist un noticed for long (even within the million acres of wilderness owned by Ted Turner). Interesting reading just the same.

john jay


yes, little "enclaves" get noticed, don't they?

i don't suppose you could hide along flathead lake any more, could you? laughing.

john jay

p.s. i don't know anything. it's just where i could go, if i had the money, and enough blankets for the winter.


JJ -
Folks like Grizzley Adams (folks like us) could get small just about any where and survive. People used to being catered to (like yuppies and urbanites) wouldn't make it through the first night. Went through winter mountain survival training at Mt. Rainier and the SOF survival training out side Ft. Wainwright, AK and desert training Ft. Irwin, CA. Only thing to be concerned about with Flathead are the cougars, grizzles, and Blackfoot smoke jumpers. I like the area along Rock Creek between Missoula and Philipsberg.

john jay


yes, things that bite & go chomp in the night are to be accounted for.

actually, you've raised a thought or two in the old cranium, which will be addressed in a little post, in just a bit.


Cruising Troll

In your discussion of "where", you overlook two significant venues. The first is state capitals. Leviathan is not only a beast of the cities you have identified, but also has it's tentacles in many state capitals. The most obvious is Sacramento, along with Albany and Boston, but there are others as well. (Most interesting from an observers viewpoint would be Austin.)

There are only 50 state capitals, which significantly increases the field of conflict. That increase pales in comparison to the other strike point. Academia.

The most important things when considering an undertaking of this sort is simply this:

Do not become a mob. Do NOT attack the general population. Read Ann Coulter's book "Demonic" (I think that's the one) to understand why.

It will not be a long and drawn out affair. If it is, then tens, if not hundreds of millions will die. Why? Because the rest of the world won't be sitting by idly. There are those who till take the opportunity to strike at America, and there are those who will figure that America is busy so they can move elsewhere with impunity.

What happens when outsiders strike America during our turmoil? Unknown.

john jay

cruising troll:

it is the sort of a situation in which the stakes of the game get raised very very quickly, is it not?


chaos leads many places.

something obama and his minions would do well to consider, as they set this matter in motion.

from my perspective, however, which is the preservation of my rights and liberties among which are paramount the right of free speech, assembly, and free political association the lines of decision making are pretty clear.

and, it is abundantly clear to me the possession of firearms is fundamental in preserving and asserting these ancient liberties.

about this there can be no confusion, and no hesitation.

because without these things, there really isn't very much else that is of value.

as it stands, there is a very large difference between being american and being a subject of the euro union.

that difference, for americans, is the possession of firearms and the preservation of our participation in our own rule.

those are the real stakes for me.

john jay


JJ -

Two more of my cents here, CT has identified secondary targets in the looming fights. There is annother old Infantry axiom to share at this point, "When first involved in a violent fire-fight, shoot the danger-close targets, then the near ones, and finally, followed by alternately engaging the far and over-the-hill targers"

CT is correct in naming targets, but fails to prioritise them. Academians are the least of immediate threats, capitol cities may be bastions of comflict; it depends on which states. As you point out, it will be the responsibility for Americans not directly involved with the Belt Way Fight to carry the same fight to those in the elitist support network. This effort will pertubate the efforts for continuity of current administration and MSM efforts and interfere with their mutual support.

And rest assured CT, the coming insurrection will not be a mob action. The mob activities will be the main weapon of the "Entitled" entitlement group, which may very well be the crux of the outlying state and local disturbances. This will be the grunt conflict of the uprising.

Academia, as stated earlier, is the least of the immediate threat and are merely piss ants in the scheme of things. Left to their own devices, they can achieve unbelievable goals and influence the next generation with their twisted thinking. However, anything which interrupts their strategy has immediate and profound impact on their objectives. So for what it is worth and in my opinion, Academia (with their usual support mechanisms) are nothing more than gnatts circuling this horse's ass and can wait to the end stages of the fight. Those who haven't fled to China and remain will be gathered up and punished.


Most seem to think that our military will play a part in the coming festivities. Perhaps, but remjember, Obama is busily sending forces to every bar-fight he can find in the Middle East and Africa. There may not be much military left to make a difference when we go to war here.

Cassandra (of Troy)

Expect the Imperium to conduct very bloody 'right-wing militia' attacks (up to/including N/B/C events) to poison the support structure of the rebellion (the public) against the rebels. And if it looks like the majority of the combat mil & law enforcement will be siding w/ the rebels, expect to see the Soviet model of sudden 'retirements', opportune 'suicides'/'heart attacks'/'mental breakdowns', resignations for 'personal reasons', & arrests for 'treason'.

john jay


yeah, pretty nasty stuff.

i read a thing at another blog, a fellow speculated that the rooskies might smuggle some high tech stuff in to help the people fighting the regime.

i like "imperium," but, i didn't coin it, so i won't appropriate it. but, i will say, i don't think the guy running it is without clothes, i just think the suit has no one inside it.

but, yes, very liable to be just a bit on the nasty side, this upcoming soiree.


p.s. stock up on staples, and potables. lots of wool for the winter.

Mt Top Patriot

Mr Jay,
You wrote this a year ago. Personally I believe it is just as pertinent today.
The truth of things doesn't grow stale with time.

If you don't mind a request, could you write a version that expounds on the truths here in some fashion?
I'll do my best to spread it around.

TL Davis posted a piece that made me think of your piece here:

"Re-living History"
Tuesday, January 14, 2014


john jay

mountain top:

thanks for the read, thanks for the comment.

i believe as you, e.g., it is as pertinent today. more so.

i'll stick w/ what i've written. if there is truth in it, truth will suffice: it needs little elaboration.

buy guns. buy ammo. be jealous of your liberties, and stand to protect them when they are encroached.

being quite willing to defend, and to die defending, those liberties. be quite willing to kill to protect them, goes without saying.

thank you for the link. i will read it.

john jay

Mt Top Patriot

My thanks to you, words to live and die free by.
In that light, the idea is for our enemies pay in blood and die for their beliefs.

john jay

mountain top:

better them than us.

john jay

john jay

p.s. dear friends ... an idea is forming in my mind, and i am going to float it here a little bit, and then just think it out some.--

but, something the elites forget about "we, who are not the elites," is that we are used to dying in the course of our endeavors.

joseph wambaugh was a former prosecutor, if i have it right. he wrote a good book, "the onion field." not a literary masterpiece, but, a good yarn, ... , based upon the real life murder of two cops, in los angeles, i believe.

lots of people get worked up by stuff like that.

but, wambaugh made a comment about the risks that people take in their given occupations.

he noted that while he was working his way through school and law school, he also worked in steel mills in the los angeles area. (i didn't know that they had steel mills there, but, hey, it makes sense. you got these little mills all over the country that re-process scrap steel into specialty steels, and i would think the supply of old car hulks in southern california would be about inexhaustible.)

wambaugh noted that when the two cops were killed, in that same period all over los angeles working men and women were dying in steel mills, in construction jobs, working in agriculture, and drowning on fishing boats, and the like.

his point was that there are a lot of jobs and professions that are way more dangerous than police work.

and, he's right.

i'll tell you how to confirm this. go to the website for your state labor and industries department, and check on the insurance rates for industrial insurance among the various occupations.

you'll find the following.--

that the most dangerous occupations are things like fishing, construction, farm work and farm labor, steel fabrication and high work w/ steel, ... , in these jobs, it is simply a fact of life that people get killed from time to time.

death and injury are accepted as occupational hazards, and the extent of the hazard is exactly reflected in the industrial insurance that is withheld from a workers pay check every pay period.

i work in an area in which pea and wheat harvest are carried on upon hillsides so steep, the cattle and the horses have shorter legs on one side, to help circle the hillsides while they graze.

well, ahem. the point is, just every now and again someone tips over a combine, or the steering wheels on a harvester give way on the slick straw, ... , and somebody's child dies earning tuition for the school year.

ditches collapse on a guy in the trench, and he suffocates in the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to dig him out.

i haven't mentioned logging.

you city slickers don't think much about the wood products that build your houses.

well, they are bathed in blood. trees called "widow makers" fall on people, or tree fallers catch a "kick back" in the chest, or toppers go down with the crown of a tree that catches them as it falls.

setting chokers kills many an kid, who isn't quite agile enough to escape a cable that pops loose.

"them" don't worry about such matters as they clip their coupons, and worry over their portfolios.

"we" who suffer this bloodshed don't worry about it much, as it just happens as a matter of the course of life.

we are harden to such matters. we accept such things as the cost of living, of "doing business," as it were.

and, this is why, when the killing starts, we will sustain our losses and struggle on. that's the way it has been for us since time immemorial, and that's the way it will be when the shit hits the fan.

death does not deter us from going to work, and death will not deter us when the killing is to be done.

we see it every day. we accept it every day. and, we will deal in it every day, and we will deal with it until such time as we have secured our goals.

think of that, if you will, those who would put the muzzle on me, who would take my guns.

i am used to the toll this fight will exact. you are not.

you have not had it visit your stoop, your doorstep, take your friends.

but, you will.

john jay

john jay

addendum to previous comment by john jay --

a report from the afl -cio on job accidental death, and heath related occupational death.

http://www.aflcio.org/Issues/Job-Safety/Death-on-the-Job-Report .

in 2012, pretty close to 5,000 accidental deaths in the united states, on the job.

the oil fields of north dakota are making a healthy contribution.

to to the alaska department of labor and industries, and see what your crab and pollack and haddock cost you, in terms of the deaths of your fellow americans.

go to the kansas and nebrask dept.'s, and see what it costs to harvest your wheat, for the flour in your bread.

go to the states of washington and oregon, where we have fishing, logging, construction and agricultural deaths, ... , galore. look at the death rates that sustain the harvest of timber, fish, wheat, corn and other related products.

i once made an ex-wife a bet, and that was that the state of washington had more industrial deaths in a given year than were suffered by washington citizens during war, ... , i forget which war.

i won that bet.

think on that, you leftist asshole, if you think a little death is going to deter me from asserting my liberties.

death will not stop me from coming for you, where you live. jjjay

john jay

p.s. deaths by occupation, the year 2011.

http://www.aflcio.org/content/download/79431/1935361/8+Occupational+Fatalities+by+Industry2011+PIE+CHART+final.pdf .

construction, fishing, forestry, agriculture. hey, it's what my people do.

the "elites," they don't get killed on the job.

you'll notice that "politicians" & "university professors" & "newscasters" didn't have an entry on the pie chart.

that will change, if the shit hits the fan.

come the summer assizes. come the summer assizes.

big time.

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