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December 22, 2012


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George "GM" Roper

:D And that is ALL I need to say isn't it?

john jay


i am not entirely sure what :D means, though i suspect it means a tongue that is stuck out.

i am afraid, old friend, that you confuse the waving of the trees for the wind, as gk chesterton notes in the following essay.

http://wintersoldier2008.typepad.com/summer_patriot_winter_sol/2012/12/an-essay-that-explains-what-happened-in-the-massacre-of-the-children-in-connecticut-that-your-really.html .

you confuse the instrument for the malice that moves it. apparently you think guns kill, which is much like thinking that rosie o'donnel's spoon made her fat.

i had a very dear friend. her sister was killed by her boyfriend, wielding a river rock. what, do we ban boyfriends? river rocks? i believe cain used a rock as well.

how about lanza's?


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