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October 29, 2012


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Is not the fact that the consulate had been essentially systematically stripped of security prior to the attack significant? This fact, along with the refusal to allow the US military to intervene during the attack leads me to believe that the attack was known prior to is occurrence. Probably not by Stevens, but then, you don't tell the patsy that he's being set up.

Shortly before this whole thing went down the Egyptian president had called for the blind sheik to be released from prison. I think it is entirely possible that these snakes planned to allow Stevens to be kidnapped and exchanged for the sheik. Things started to go wrong when AQ decided that it was also a perfect chance to snatch the guns as well as the ambassador. That might have gone down OK too, and the administration would have been cool with it, if only those two crazy Seals hadn't gone off the reservation. Once they got in the act what was to have been a walk in the park turned into a furball and all bets were off. The AQ people felt that they had been set up and betrayed by the administration (And why not? They've betrayed everybody else - people notice these things.) and they went into a classic muslim rage.

That the administration planned to use this, as originally envisioned, as a pretext to curtail the Bill of Rights makes absolute sense. They have, after all, been working towards that as a key tenet of Leftism's dogma.

john jay


i have read things to indicate that not all in tranquil in the clinton household, and that bill is urging hillary to divorce herself from this whole mess.

i do not think that she can.

she is tied to deeply to obama. some years ago she, obama and soros set about what is called the "shadow party," a group who essentially function as a parallel organization to effectively control the path of the democratic party.

like it or not, she is tied to obama and soros.

this "shadow party" no doubt responsible for the democratic party "platform" as expressed in "changing course: a new direction for u.s. relations w/ the muslim world."

obama in our house and hillary at foggy bottom have assiduously worked toward implementing the vision in this document. it is far reaching in scope, and calls for what is essentially the integration of the institutional structures of u.s. and arab society.

(oh, yes, israel is most certainly under the bus. as is judaism. which makes it all the more mystifying to me that liberal jews still cling to the democrats, even after such an overt betrayal.)

very large in this whole scheme of things, as plotted by soros, obama and hillary, is shunting aside our constitutional heritage of liberty, and adherence to the anglo-saxon/norman way of doing things.

this "shadow party," of self styled elites and intellectuals mean to do away with our liberties and freedoms, and to trim us down to size, so as to get along so much the better with the rest of the world.

preferably in dhimmitude, so far as i can see.

i have puzzled over the affinity of and attraction to islam displayed by these people. i do not have my mind around it yet, because it seems that these people are the very ones who would go under the muslim/islamic yoke if their aims were achieved.

i don't know, i don't understand it myself. maybe that is what they seek.

i obviously don't know the details of any arrangement that you suggest in your note. i don't know, or have the slightest notion of who talked to who. i suspect it was done under the aegis of the state department, and ex-state department types such as madeline albright who fronted the "changing course: .... " project for the soros interest.

but, as you note, prior to all of this there was the incessant clamor for the release of the blind sheik, and the imposition of the "anti-slur" legislation/law/treaty of islam upon the united states and the west.

it was especially pushed by turkey and egypt among governmental entities.

it has gone almost silent with the benghazi fiasco. it will not begin again, i should think, unless obama is re-elected.

i do not know the details.

i have tried to work out the scenario through inference and deduction. my mental process, such as it is and such as it suffers inherent limitations, is hampered by not knowing all that went on.

we will never learn what happened via the mainstream media, or, i should say, most of it. if we learn anything, it will come from the efforts of fox network, and the right wing blogs, which have done yeoman's work to uncover these matters.

and, the washington times.

i don't think it much of an exaggeration to say that we owe our liberty, such as we possess as we climb from our beds this morning, to the work of the washington times.

i don't know if stevens was killed in a kidnapping, or not. i don't know if the egyptians were behind it.

we'll find out.

and, i expect that carter ham will have some role in that.

and, i expect that the u.s. military as an institution, current service personnel and veterans, is fuming right now.

they are estranged from obama. and, in that, i take some comfort.

they protect us, i think, from obama, hilary and soros, and i think their animosity to these people deep and profound. their sense of honor has been violated, and they will never forgive obama.

john jay


Since you first posited this john jay, my gut told me it was about free speech. Just too many coincidences, too tightly orchestrated with global media, not to mention the threats that same week to file actions in US court over "violations" of the UN blasphemy laws Clinton and Hussein signed us up for.

Thanks for the well reasoned spoon feeding. ;)

Each and ever day, the brilliance of our founders becomes clearer to me. You are dead center about the precarious nature of our free speech and how few realize that it is outposts like yours on which it hangs on. The media is highly sophisticated propaganda on a global scale. Mind boggling.

p.s. I read somewhere that the terrorists who Soros and Obama pressured Quadaffi to release, not only took him down but were also dispatched to Benghazi for this hit. If true, that would explain how easily they got the inside track to outplay Barry.

The scale and extent of the deception is surreal.

john jay


thank you for this comment. much appreciated.--

"... too tightly orchestrated w/ global media ... ." this observation i find very striking, so reflective of the reality of things. i know that things move with lightning rapidity in this digital world, but the speed with which this meme of "the film's incitement" to riot spread throughout the western world was just mind boggling. i was astounded when i saw it ... electronics are that quick, but, human comprehension of complicated events is much slower. much slower.

but, not this. it "spread" with amazing rapidity, defying comprehension.

which is why i believe the fix was in, far in advance.

"... the brilliance of our founders ... ." yes, agreed on all points.

and, yes, the scale of this media manipulation is surreal. it was not so long ago that measured contemplation was the intellectual rule of the day.

people were suspicious, and took time to reason things out.

now, people are so credulous as to defy comprehension. they will accept anything, so long as the "authority of a talking head" tells them.

we are very lucky that a whole bunch of people dug stubbornly to the truth in this matter. a couple of unchallenged weeks of the obama lies being accepted, a little distance from the events and forgetfullness, and these lies would have been accepted as verity.

and, our free speech rights would have been in peril. geller. spencer. limbaugh. liddy. the washington times. breitbart. the kraut. theo spark. fox network.

no wonder the radicals hat the blogs so much.

as snidely whiplash used to say, they say, "curses, foiled again!!"

john jay

john jay

p.s. sDee, keep spreading the word.

i see your contributions at a lot of good blogs. i see you in the comment section, i know that it is a good blog, or chat room.

keep up the vigilance. keep speaking. yell at the top of your lungs.

stay prickly, and jealous of your liberties.

thank you.

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