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September 28, 2012


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old one


What is this world coming to?

I fear for my grandaughters, and my self.

Shall I practice shooting my Mossberg today?

Keep up the good work, John...

john jay

old one:

thank you for the read, and the comment.

and, yes, by all means practice with your mossberg today, and with your ar-15 and garand variants, if you have them.


sal mineo

I bet you look real sweet all dressed up in biker leathers, you big John Gay!

john jay


you are dumb even for a leftie.

nice name.

john jay


This fool jackson does not realise which side his bread is buttered. It is a majority of whites people who watch his movies. I guess, whatever he does from here-on-out is on him. His future movies, if there are any, will bomb - due to his racism.
Jackson's face is what racism is all about; his hate is palpable.

john jay


that's kind of the way i am looking at it.

that's all well and good. i am just worried about post-election america, and what kind of a mess that is gonna be.

samuel l. jackson can go suck a hind tit, as far as i am concerned.



linky love.

Theo's too.

john jay


thanks for the link. i visited you site, and appreciated my post.

i also read the article on new jersey tunnels, trains and the like. very very interesting.

someday i would like to see the jersey pines. a very interesting place to stick a virtual wilderness, right in the middle of the eastern megalopolis. (if that is a word?)

well done.



My reaction to that annoying little video was that Mr. Jackson could benefit much -from reading Andrew Carnagie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Egads.

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