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September 14, 2012


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JJ -

The following is less time consuming and titilates the taste buds. Here in TX, the critters grow like Scotch Broom in the NW. The big plus with this ala-carte menu is one can make a belt or a hatband from the skin. Or if chicken-fried rattler, I don't recommend sharing it with female camp-followers. It just grosses them out; they claim it looks like fried turds. I was once served fried rattlesnake by my grunts, they cut the snake into 12" pieces, battered and fried 'em up and presented on a mess-hall food tray. I have to admit curled around a spoonfull of mashed potatoes and corn, my initial response was a gut-wretch. After the initial shock and adding a lot of salt and pepper, it wasn't bad. With the cold weather in the mountains, the digging out the snakes from the viper-dens should be pretty safe to handle and prepare.

1 rattlesnake carcass
1 cup half n half or milk
1/2 lb. fresh mushrooms, sliced
2 limes, sliced thin
1 tsp. basil
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. rosemary
Cut snake into 3-inch sections and place in a large baking dish. Cover with cream or milk and add the mushrooms, limes, basil, pepper, and rosemary. Cover tightly.
Bake in 300 degree oven for 60-70 minutes or until done.

Cut snake into 2 inch pieces. Place pieces on a skewer and roast over glowing coals, keeping the skewer constantly turning. When the meat quits sizzling, it is done.

GM Roper

Hmmm, this post give me a lot to digest.

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