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September 07, 2012


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GM Roper

John, you are on a roll as they say. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts and who knows, you may get me to blogging once again.

Cheers my friend~

john jay



you are too good not to.



Ah, memories of Jokenhagen.
My favorite was when Obamandias arrived and the Chinese wouldn't even tell him where they were--he had to wander around looking for them. And when he finally found them, they told him to get lost.


LC Aggie Sith

Wonderful post, but I have a quibble. They have balls of titanium ;)

john jay


indeed, i think you correct.

i stand corrected.

john jay

p.s. thank you for the read, and the comment.

john jay

soylent green:

the chinese weren't the only ones to treat him rather unceremoniously.

remember the russian receiving line, w/ putin present, i think, ... , when the burly russian would not even extend his hand to him, and obama just stood there, dumbfounded.

russians don't do bullshit like that casually ... in was a set piece, a jab in the butt w/ a shark stick, to see how he would react.

so far, they've just run him around in circles. they know a light weight when they see one.

john jay

p.s. and, thank you for the read and the comment.

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