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June 22, 2012


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Great article. I do not consider myself a rustic. Lived in the country for a while as a child and it had an effect on my thinking. We really don't need you do you understand that? Best line in the article. Not that it matters I am in late life turning into a prepper. Great Article!

john jay


i live about 2 blocks from the walla walla river, a half a block in the old days before some apartments went up in an empty lot.

across the bridge is herbie march's shop. you never heard of herbie march. and, you never heard of elmo jay, my dad.

between them, there really isn't too much they couldn't build, by hand, by way of a farm implement. my dad is long ago passed, but, herbie and his shop crew just keep building away, ... , making stuff that works.

now, i don't think herbie could build a brand spanking new diesel engine. i have no doubt, however, that if he wanted to keep a particular model of something or other running forever, that he could get a lathe and a machinist to make just about anything running. if he couldn't cast an exhaust manifold, he'd just make it with plate and heavy tubing.

i have a friend, bob t., who used to machine the travel wheels and idlers on his cat tractors. in his own shop, on lathes he picked up from the oddest places. he'd just go fetch 'em.

and, if you looked into it, you'd be surprised about the rather humble origins of john deere and cat.

there is a lot of creativity running around looking just like bumpkins. a lot of smarts.

none of it needs b. "the one and true hussein" o. to tell 'em how to farm.

john jay

p.s. thanks for the read, and thanks for the letter. both are much appreciated.

and, as the boy scout motto says, "be prepared." it is a good motto.

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