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June 28, 2012


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Bill D

Kipling would be pleased with your smithery. Well done, lad -- or old fart as the case may be.

Now to practical matters: I need 2,000 rds of 30-06 FMJ ball cheap, a no older than 15 years. Know where I can get some?

john jay


i would look to shotgun news. i notice that iranian made .30-06 ball, (from the days of the shah), is advertised often. in addition, i see a lot of greek made service ball in .30-06 advertised from time to time.

watch out for corrosive primers.

and, other issues can crop up. my older brother nathan bought a lot of south korean .30-06 ball, which as far as i can tell was non-corrosive. (manufacture in 1970.)

the only trouble, was that the south korean ammo primer pocket was .212" in diameter instead of our standard .210". in short, the primers fall out. laughing.

good luck getting it at only 15 years of age. at that age, it is still "young stuff," and i would suspect that whoever is still amassing .30-06 ball is quite unlikely to be surplussing it out. it should be plenty good at that age.


p.s. were i you, i would be inclined to get acquainted w/ the c.m.p., get certified for shooting c.m.p. qualified shoots/matches, and then see if you can source the .30-06 ball, american made, from them.

and, as far as the 15-year old thing. i don't know, so i am asking rhetorically, when was the last time any of the armories in the u.s. made .30-06 ball, service or match. i don't know, but it has been a heck of a long time since we had small arms in .30-06.

i came across a lake city '72 match case the other day, that is the "newest" i've seen in a while, and that is 39 years old, if the old noggin is still up to simple subtraction.

good luck.

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