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May 10, 2012


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I think the concept of the nation states as they have illustriously evolved into economic engines of slavery and servitude to the elitist cabal who run them is about to come to a calamitous end.
The consequences, unintended and not resulting from the meddling and systems of social and economic control designed to enrich and empower the corrupticrats and their bankster ilk is coming home to roost.
You can't fuck with people on that level and not reap a world wind of unintended consequences. I think there is no stopping the consequences long as those who implemented such agendas and strategies remain in positions which enabled them to do these things to begin with.
It was apparent from the beginning those treaties where created under a political blanket of duress and manipulation.
It was all a utopian multi-cultural one world order con to begin with. A warless act of consolidating power, a continuation of WW1, where the later day red diaper descendents of the Long March picked up where their heinous forebears left off.

If it isn't the Greeks, it is only time before another people reject the status quo, and the leviathan is in serious predicament. The whole continent is a pressure cooker, in fact most of the western world is getting to the point where repression of Christian Judean and other moral, and free economy/cultural systems of principles and beliefs can not be repressed without dire consequences.
I believe it simply comes down to enough is enough of this unwholesome insidious incessant meddling by the ruling class.

The basic truth of it all is you can only subjugate and rob people for so long before they revolt.
You can only put off the inevitable for so long.

I think too, the method of creating wars as crisis as a means is not a means to an ends as it was in the 20th century. It may be the "globalization" and "multi-culturalism" campaigns of the psychopaths running things has diluted nationalistic identities crucial to instilling a sense of crusade in a people. That doesn't mitigate or eliminate the sovereign nature of the individual, in fact it may strengthen the sense and desire of individual liberty and primal freedom of the common man. The very thing those in power have dreamt of eradicating in their pursuit of totalitarianism over the west.
What that leaves the sonsofabitches is very limited choices if they are to hold onto their power and wealth. Continue on the path of self destruction, plunge the world into world war, or resort to armed force and overt police state violence.
It seems the avenues of cunning manipulation and meddling disguised as beneficial for the masses is nearing its usefulness, there is not much non violent resources of statism remaining to implement. That basically leaves the violent methods as the only means to their ends.
It is like here in America, the ruse of legitimacy of government is over. Those in power in order to complete what they hold as the destruction of this republic are at the juncture where outright tyrannical employment of diktat and rejection of the rule of law is necessary to realize the dream of absolute power and destruction of the existence of liberty and her blessings of freedoms.
The EU and America are not much different in this respect. At the root of this tyranny is the same diabolical influence, the same small nucleus of megalomaniacs, the same agenda.
And the same people who just want to be left in peace and essential happiness.
What is going down is the harbinger of the penultimate battle between good and evil in the offing.
Hard to say when or where it will begin, for who knows these things, but I can't but help see, you realm only can fuck with people so much before they decide it is enough and go after those who are the cause of their suffering and unhappiness.
Nobody made these psychopaths running things do what they are doing. They chose of their own free will to do what they are doing. Nobody goes out to enslave rob and murder millions, entire cultures and societies for benine reasons.
But liberty and freedom, they are benine by their very nature, and so to those who have faith and principles there of in them. They are inherent things, primal things, peaceful and self determined. And no matter how it is dressed up, no matter how you slice it,
Everything else is what it is, utter bullshit.


You should read this Mr. Jay, it ties in with your The Totalitarians piece you wrote:




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