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March 29, 2012


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Save me Jesus, save me Tom Cruise - It has been 50 or 60 years since my last confession, cracker & grape juice ritual, or second coming vision. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Has the looming race war that ushers in the general shooting civil war that most likely ends with this predicted financial collapse of the Union gotten started? My gut feel is the trip-wire via Sharpton and other radicals calling for civil-disobediance and violence against white communities has set the wheels in motion. I wonder if these gentlemen understand they may not get a free pass for their transgressions this time. They may as well be wearing targets on their buttocks to spots for the blood-letting, Minutemen snipers will target leaders ahead of other targets of opportunity in a target-rich environment.

The economic collapse is out of our control. The prudent man will lay-in good food and munitions supplies and be like Br'er Rabbit in the briar patch. Violence may not be prevented, remember the best defense is a pre-emptive aggressive strike.

john jay


it seems to me of dubious utility for a group not more than 10% of the population to pick a fight with the majority.

perhaps someone like sharpton does not feel constrained by such figures because he thinks that the majority's liberals, leftist & pinko radicals are with him. maybe so.

but, any cautionary glance at the bell curve reality of things would suggest prudence in calling for race based violence.

i have written in another post that several sources might spawn civil war in this population, among them being religious issues, abortion based concerns, political antagonisms and race based tensions.

it is a steamy brew, this melting pot business, and people best be mindful of not impeding the function of the pressure release cock, lest the temperatures and pressures in the pressure cooker get way out of hand.

i believe you advice to stock up on potables, food stuffs & staples, and to have plenty of wool blankets and kerosene on hand to be very well taken.

history teaches the sagacity of your last observation.

john jay

john jay

p.s. rod, you know of any source where a guy could lay in an em-2, and a little .280 brit?



Have check with a few of my sources and drawn a blank. Have you considered having an AR-15 6.8 rechambered for the .280 Brit? I like the ballistics of your round choice and if it can be coupled with carbine-length barrel, would probably give you the range and accuracy you want. Will keep checking on the EM for you; expect that repair parts may be difficult to find for it.


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