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February 08, 2012


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Most excellent analysis and posted.

john jay


thank you, and thank you very much.


Rick Saffery

Your goal of being an advocate for truth is noble. But your math and analysis is lacking.

Using your assessment of $5M/per drone, would yield a project cost of $5M x 30k = $150B; $150-BILLION not TRILLION. This appropriation would likely span 5-year typical project cycle. Therefore, as an annual DoD cost it would be $30B/year. This would amount to 4.5% of current annual defense spending. The warhawks in the US Senate just voted 93 to 7 for the NDAA with provisions to indefinitely detain Americans. This same group will not hesitate to pony up 4.5% of current budget to build,field and deploy such a drone fleet.

While I do agree with you that such a fleet would be a bit extreme. I think that's the point. It would be an effective force-multiplier. The idea would be to smash any large gathering of protesters. This would help forces on the ground contend with smaller or scattered groups.

I also agree that less costlier drones would arguably offer more value.

Bottom-line, drones are "affordable" regardless the air-frame ultimately adopted.

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