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November 27, 2011


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James Dean

if you had your loading equipment for 35 years then the extruded grain style of RL22 really shouldn't be that much of an issue, almost of the slow rifle powders 35 years ago that were correct for the 7mag would have been extruded and in 35 years you should be used to it by now. And yes I pretty much have the same setup you have and have had to deal with the same issue since I first started reloading in 1980


I weigh every charge I drop on a balance beam scale and hand trickel till they are perfect. Doing it this way I find is faster then useing my electric set up. If you cared about accracy and I think you should in a 7 mag you would do the same. RL 22 is a great powder in my 300mag and cussing it for not meattering well would be like damning 22-250 because the case mouth is to small.

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