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November 19, 2011


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At least it's not a "shoe ad" this time. I still enjoy reading your 'elocutions'.


marc in calgary

I recall a point being made regarding The 10 Commandments, that at one time "thou shalt not murder" became translated into "thou shalt not kill", it may have been a greek to latin thing...
The gulf is considerable, and the liberals seem to have had their run with it.

But I have no argument with your update, none at all... cheers jj.


John if it was not so HOT in NY I would be wearing my Hospitaller Knight Tunic and Cloak..

I intend to stick that cross where the SUN never shines.

Plus they would think I am nuts, to wear my Katana.
Not quite Hisorical but made for work.

GM Roper

Well John, it seems you have made an enemy on the left who felt free to write a wiki article about you. Congratulations! As a wise man once said, if you have made no enemies, you have done nothing of note.


john jay


the left is a shrill bunch of screamers and whiners, and seldom get much of anything right.

you are always welcome here, marc, and i hope that you come back. again and again.


john jay

bloody spartan:

buy guns. buy ammo.

i like the cloaks of the various knights. one in a nice camo would be very serviceable. not to mention warm, if made from wool.


p.s. not a bad idea to be armed in this day and age. we may have recourse to them.


Good work! You riled em now!

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